Perseverance in Business: Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, welcomed Darby Vannier to provide another commentary in a series.

The Darby Vannier Commentaries

Darby Vannier, President & CEO of Indispensable Leadership Group, author, speaker, experienced executive coach and fractional COO, walks through the challenges associated with owning your own business and how to work through them.

In this commentary, we discuss the challenges and strategies associated with entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of resilience and a positive mindset for success. Entrepreneurs face numerous hurdles like client acquisition, managing high costs, fostering innovation, and balancing personal lives. It highlights strategies such as developing trust for building a client base, managing finances effectively, and innovating despite risks. It also stresses the role of personal well-being, including maintaining physical health and emotional stability through supportive relationships and self-care. Key to enduring these challenges is cultivating a resilient mindset, setting clear goals, nurturing emotional intelligence, building a supportive network, and learning from failures to adapt and grow.

To learn more about Vannier, visit his company’s website at There will find information about his company’s services, how to book him as a speaker for your next event, how to get your hands on his book, The Indispensable Leader, and learn more about important topics related to leadership. That website again, is



Darby Vannier, the seasoned C-Suite leader and transformative force behind Indispensable Leadership Group, stands as a testament to people-centric leadership, scaling multi-million-dollar organizations to new summits. With over two decades specializing in end-to-end operations, strategic planning, and high-performing team establishment, Darby synthesizes professional acumen with personal values, adding a unique and relatable dimension to his talks and teachings. He is also the author of “The Indispensable Leader,” published in 2022, reflecting his profound insights into leadership dynamics and strategies. Beyond his professional pursuits, he is a dedicated individual, deeply involved in community activities in Lincoln, Nebraska, and a staunch believer in giving back to his community.


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