Firm Announces a COVID-19 Playbook Using Advanced Analytics for Accelerating Vaccine Development

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The company Signals Analytics, an advanced analytics platform that uses external data to uncover trends and predictive insights, has unveiled its COVID-19 Playbook, designed to provide access to critical market intelligence and trends surrounding potential treatments for the novel coronavirus. As part of their dedication to fighting the virus, Signals Analytics is making the COVID-19 Playbook at no cost to researchers seeking to track vaccines that are in development for COVID-19 and other strains of coronavirus; monitor trending drugs that are in the process of being tested for COVID-19; and assess which drugs are being that are in the process of being repurposed to help treat infected people.

According to Signals Analytics, “The COVID-19 Playbook is a front-end user interface of the Signals Analytics platform, powered by advanced analytics, patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and taxonomies developed by domain experts with years of academic and pharmaceutical industry experience. It connects data from a wide range of sources including clinical trials, research papers, business events, announcements, media coverage, drug developments and more. Context is extracted from the various data types and visualizations and actionable insights are generated.

“Like Signals Analytics’ other playbooks, the COVID-19 Playbook is aimed at heads of research, development, and innovation as well as leaders responsible for growth, business development, mergers and acquisitions, looking for ways to speed up the vaccine and drug discovery process. The aggregated dashboards address many important business questions such as: what are the leading and emerging targets being analyzed for COVID-19, which are the leading and emerging drugs and vaccines that are being researched and tested, which drugs are being repurposed to treat COVID-19, and which entities are leading and emerging for COVID-19 testing and treatment.”

“As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, a deluge of data is being generated every day and it is impossible for researchers to keep up,” said Gil Sadeh, CEO of Signals Analytics. “Most other platforms provide insights based on limited data sets or simple reference listings that require the user to input specific search parameters. The Signals Analytics platform on the other hand is designed to surface trends and actionable insights across a wide range of data sets to alleviate the burden researchers and analysts face as they look for clues that will speed up vaccine development and identify effective treatments. In the middle of this pandemic, every minute counts. We are proud to offer our COVID-19 Playbook to industry leaders, non-profits and government agencies to turn a very labor-intensive process filled with risk and uncertainty into something actionable and relevant that will speed up the end to this scourge.”

The statement goes on, “COVID-19 Playbook includes dashboards such Drug Pipeline Overview, a Covid-19 Target and Modality Landscape, and Research Paper Assessment. In addition, users can set manual alerts through the Findings section to receive updates once per week.”

Some of the preliminary and early findings from the new COVID-19 Playbook shows an increase in research around a target molecule called CYP34A, coming from academia, pharmaceutical companies and other institutions, suggesting this is an area for pursuit for vaccines and treatment drugs. “Linking to the actual publications provides the detail for an organization to determine whether they should devote resources in this area,” the statement said.

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