East Coast Loyalty Snags One Dotcomm and Two Marcom Awards In 2017

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Angelo Zammit & Ami Pancholi are regulars on the Radio Talk Show Price of Business & Co-Founders of the multi award winning marketing agency East Coast Loyalty 

ear for East Coast Loyalty, snagging up one gold Dotcomm Award for exceptional website design and creativity and two Marcom Awards, one being platinum for digital media, social media & facebook site development and one gold for their pro bono work on the American V.O.W. Foundation website design.

East Coast Loyalty winner of platinum Marcom Award

There is no denying ECL is on a winning streak and at it’s full potential when it comes to success and reputation. It seems they have the marketing world down pat and with finding ways to partner with some of the biggest corporations like Valpak SI to to having their own radio talk show on BizTalk Radio the (Price of Business), they are insuring their brand is well cemented in stone.

Angelo Zammit co-founder of ECL says in an interview, “My business partner Ami Pancholi and I wanted to make sure you knew our brand just by looking at the logo, without ever putting a name on it, hence the reason we changed it from East Coast Loyalty to ECL. Think about it, if I show you the Nike check symbol, you know it’s Nike without thought. Same thing with Monster Energy Drink, three crazy green lines tell you exactly who the maker is. That’s what our goal was and still is.”

“We have a lot more work to do and we are extremely humbled by all the support but we must keep our eye on the prize, our merchants and their customers are what makes us who we are, without them we are simply an idea. We need small businesses even more than we need corporations, although both are a necessity the small business owner is what keeps the economy strong and alive. Helping each and every one of them succeed in growing their business helps to employ hundreds of families who need jobs to feed their children and provide a roof over their heads, well that is the greatest trophy of all!”

East Coast Loyalty Wins Platinum Marcom Award for Digital Media

It is amazing to see what was once a homeless couple living out of their car, rise to the level of success they have come to and do it with humbleness and class. You can see it within them both, every word is genuine and they truly believe and mean every word that comes out of their mouths. This is more than a story about a multi award winning marketing agency, it’s a true story of the pursuit to happiness.

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About Angelo & Ami Zammit 6 Articles
Angelo Zammit was born August 31st 1981 at Saint Margaret’s Hospital, Dorchester, Massachusetts to Margaret Donahue and Ralph Zammit; he is the youngest of five siblings. At an early age Angelo developed a knack for writing and found his talent truly lied in music. Angelo would find great success in years to come landing music appearances on hit television shows such as the Entourage, True Blood and most recently the blockbuster film starring Robert De Nero, Wizard of Lies. While success from music opened doors to the modeling industry, Angelo landed a major contract with the famous clothing line Armani and guest appearing alongside the most famous in magazines like Men’s Health, G.Q, Teen Magazine and many more. At only age 16 Angelo found himself with a bright future and impossible to see failure. But there was something Angelo missed about just being ordinary;thoughts crossed his mind that, “is it possible to live a normal life with too much success”, and the short answer was no. He found his own childhood friends and childhood sweetheart now viewing him differently, as if they never grew up with him and he was just some product from television and magazines everyone wanted to get their hands on. Things changed and not for the better, attention and praise was not the reason he sought success. So he packed his bags left Hollywood and back to Boston he went. It wouldn’t be until many years later that Angelo would find his calling, he had a long journey of finding self and his place in the world, “what is my purpose” he would often ask himself. Then it hit him, one day sitting there sparked an idea that would forever change his life. He and his fiancé Amee had just come from C.V.S where they had entered their mobile number into a kiosk in exchange for a reward. The idea was to bring this amazing way of engaging customers and rewarding their loyalty to the small businesses all while being able to text customers with deals, offers, incentives, promotions, events etc. in real time drawing them back in on days they normally wouldn’t have come in to spend money. After all it’s simply marketing and Angelo has been marketing himself his whole life. Thus East Coast Loyalty was Co-Founded January 2015 and is what many now know to be a national multi award winning marketing company. *********** Ami Pancholi was born in Bombay India, currently living in Boston Mass. I came to the states when I was a young lady, age nine. Growing up was very tough for me here. Life was so different when I was in India; It was so easy, so many smiles and laughs amongst my family & friends. We were well established, but that would change once the final move to America was set in stone. My parents did well for a while, but like everything, what goes up must come down and the burden would fall on me. I had to take care of both my younger brother & sister. I had to learn the English language so I could in return teach my siblings & parents. I worked at a very young age to help provide for the family. Age meant nothing in my home, it just meant excuses and my parents accepted none. But that would shape me for who I have become today, the woman writing this short bio. Today, I am a successful business owner of a marketing agency called East Coast Loyalty that I have built into a multi award winning company. I am engaged to my business partner & best friend Angelo Zammit. Today I am what I’ve worked so hard to become, today I am happy, successful and most important, I am free!

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