The Power Of Positive Thoughts: How To Overcome The Past With Life Empowerment Coach Rose Young

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Everyone will agree that you will face setbacks at some point in your life, and you will go through a loss. But you need to accept that difficult situations are part of life. When you hit rock bottom, you will feel empty and discouraged – that is brokenness. Depression, anxiety, and losing your self-confidence are all part of brokenness.

How do you overcome brokenness? Experts believed that one way of overcoming the past and brokenness is through positive thoughts. Researchers have found out that people’s thoughts have both physical and psychological manifestations. Moreover, studies showed people with positive thoughts make better decisions and strive to attain their goals. 

Life empowerment coach Rose Young can attest to the power of positive thoughts. By flooding her mind with positive thoughts, Coach Rose not only overcame her brokenness, but it allowed her to become a more empowered individual. That is why she has been imparting to everyone to view every bad experience from a positive perspective.

Who Is Coach Rose?

Coach Rose is not an ordinary coach but a Master Coach with multiple coaching certifications in different industry areas, including leadership and business coaching. She is also a known affiliate of America’s Best Confidence Coach, Dr. Keith Johnson, and the Destiny Coaching Group.

As a Life Empowerment and Mindfulness Coach, Rose shares the lessons that she learned from the two life-changing events in her life to help others overcome brokenness and pain. “I guide aspiring leaders to formulate a plan to grow their business and continue to pursue their dreams,” she explained.

Coach Rose is also a powerful speaker and accomplished writer who compiled an anthology that became an international best-selling book. Before she became a coach and entrepreneur, she worked as a certified Cardiologist Technologist for many years.

Facing The Tough Times

Before becoming a coach, Coach Rose was generating a reasonable revenue from her regular job, which let her provide for the needs of her children. Coach Rose was living a good life until two life-changing moments left her broken and in pain.

In 2008, Coach Rose found herself in a road accident. She recalled that the accident involved three vehicles, leaving her with multiple injuries in different parts of her body. “I had injuries in my neck, my back, and my left leg. But the worst of it all was my back injury. It was so severe that it hindered me from walking, sitting, or standing for at least five minutes before I could change my position,” she said.

Coach Rose thought that she already survived the most challenging experience she ever faced. Little did she know that a far more challenging one was looming around the corner.

Several years later, Coach Rose once again found herself in another vehicular accident. “The accident involved four vehicles. It was horrifying,” she said. She once more sustained severe injuries in various parts of her body.

Coach Rose admitted that she failed to report for work for a couple of years. Like a domino effect, she lost her home because she lost her job and can longer pay for it. “I can no longer give the needs of my children. It was painful for a mother like me. I doubt myself and lose my self-confidence,” she shared.

Coach Rose recalled that she had to endure the excruciating pain, both physically and emotionally and spiritually, and said that her brokenness was beyond broken.

Changing Her Perspective

Coach Rose admitted that anxiety and depression controlled her thoughts for an extended period. “I drifted in life without any sense of direction and contemplating the things that happened to me,” Coach Rose said.

However, everything changes in her life when she decides to see things from a different perspective. Coach Rose realized that she has three children that depend on her. “It was a wake-up call for me. I became aware that the darker it got for me, the darker it got for my children. I told myself that I need to do something for the sake of my three children,” she shared. Amidst the pain in her life, she discovered the why of her life – her children. She admitted that her three young teens remain the why in her life.

Coach Rose changed her depressing views into positive ones. To overcome her brokenness, she flooded her mind with positive statements. “Each morning, I did self-talk and told myself all the positive things in my life. I started writing everything good and positive about my life in my so-called What I am Thankful For List. It helped me get out of my brokenness,” she explained.

Likewise, she solved the constant pain in her back brought by the car accidents by seeking the help of an excellent chiropractor. Coach Rose decided to get better again and took steps towards that goal. 

Coach Rose told herself that she could do it, and she did. Once again, it allowed her to control her thoughts and move confidently into her destiny as a life empowerment coach.

Coach Rose invites you for a one-on-one coaching session to help you move with confidence into your destiny.

Start your journey towards empowerment now with Coach Rose!

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