REVEALED: How Sandra Haseley Overcame Her Challenges To Be An Organic Marketing Whizz

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“You are fired” These are words that behold the weight of success Sandra Haseley has achieved in organic marketing. Sandra was working in commercial real estate doing mortgage brokerage and underwriting commercial loans. She moved into commercial development in 2007 as a leasing agent. The following year she was recruited to work for a competing developer. In 2010, she worked with another developer as the director of marketing and sales. Sandra was tasked with talking to clients who are owning their spaces or leasing their spaces. Her job was to keep them growing.

One day it just happened. No one knew how it would develop or if, after all, it would cause someone to lose her job. Sandra had just closed a 14.6 million dollar deal. She was now waiting to receive her bonus, but that wasn’t the case. She got fired instead. 

Beating The Odds

Was Sandra going to sit down and cry over spilt water? No! She was back on the road with job applications. Four hundred applications, to be precise. But guess what, nothing bore fruit. Sandra had to take a bold move. She decided to do freelancing, and there she was, doing branding and marketing. Sandra started creating brand packages for people creating websites doing that off books and not as a company but as a contractor. This visionary woman began organizing a company that started to become overwhelming while her husband wanted open space. Sandra opened the practice from scratch with only a ten thousand dollar line of credit. They turned it into a six-figure practice within a year. 

In 2019, Sandra got into full-time coaching. 

Organic Marketing

Sooner than later, Sandra was deeply rooted in organic marketing. According to her, organic marketing is bootstrapping your business without paying for ads. Whether done through social media or elsewhere, organic marketing will help you get your name out there through your network. Sandra has learnt to leverage her social media. It has become the fastest track of growth for her. She learnt to invest her time so that it doesn’t cost her money. Therefore if you are thinking of marketing your business organically, begin creating your presence on social media and start entirely talking about it. Do it regularly and create time in your schedule for that. Sandra decided to make it a habit to market organically through social media, which has scaled her. Her persistence has also kept pushing her to new standards every day. She has a track record. 

Organic marketing has helped Sandra build an authentic audience, cut her marketing budget, built relationships with her clients and followers, and improve her online reviews and rankings. Through organic marketing, she has been able to personalize her message and content. 

Scaling The Heights Of Success

Today, Sandra Haseley is the owner and partner of Sandra Haseley + CO. and Generation Impact Consulting, LLC. She has also been hired as a corporate consultant and a keynote speaker for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi at This optimistic woman has been building and scaling businesses using the organic strategy on social media. She is also excellent at creating systems for efficiency and productivity. Sandra provides the strategy, tactics, and mindset that help women meet their goals, and her energy and humour allow them achieve their results in a way thats actually fun.

For more information on how to scale your business through organic strategy, you can connect to Sandra Haseley on;  LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Email, or visit this website for more information.

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