How Review Wave Founder Matt Prados Is Helping Healthcare Professionals Through Automation

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A 2018 study showed that there are more than one million practicing medical professionals in the United States. It indicates that there are more medical professionals in the country than ever before. Hence, any healthcare professional will have difficulty in expanding their patient base. 

Entrepreneur Matt Prados said that technology could help healthcare providers stand out from the sea of competition. Matt explained that automation could transform service delivery in the healthcare sector by streamlining some of the business processes.

Matt is the founder of Review Wave, a software company that offers the leading platform on reputation management and review marketing to healthcare professionals. He utilizes technology to help millions of people get the best patient experience from their healthcare providers.

Automation Is A Must

Many healthcare providers hesitate business automation because they view it as not personal. It is one of the misconceptions enshrouding automation today. Matt disagrees that automation will make their business not personal. “I feel it is the opposite. I firmly believe that the more you automate those nonpersonal things in your business, the more you can be personal the rest of the time,” he explained.

Matt pointed out that automation can enhance the patient experience. “Six years ago, I dug into my clients’ negative feedback to know why some clients get more reviews while others do not. I discovered that not all patients are unhappy at their doctor’s office. Then, I realized that there is a need to streamline those practices to create a better patient experience,” he narrated.

All the while, Matt thought that the feedback process is why some clients are getting reviews while others do not. That is why he developed software to automate the feedback process. However, Matt realized that it did not solve the problem because the disparity between the two groups of clients remained the same until he started reading the negative feedback and learned why patients are unhappy.

Review Wave developed software that enhanced the patient experience and taught their clients how to build a positive reputation for their business through a better patient experience. Matt said that many of their clients got remarkable results. “Patients are people. And people want to find the experience that they want in life. We built our software around that concept to help millions of patients have better healthcare experience,” he explained.

The Review Wave’s Software

Matt shared that their company offers various features that provide hassle-free service to patients. He explained that the software’s primary objective is to help health professionals such as doctors and chiropractors create the best impression by making their patients feel good. He pointed out that each part of their software is not another version of something already existing in the market. It offers the best version that healthcare practitioners could get.

So far, the online scheduling app is the most popular. It makes it uncomplicated for new patients to book an appointment. An existing patient can use the app to book or reschedule a follow-up appointment. Before their new patients visit the clinic for their first appointment, they can already fill out the forms online.

“We developed our software around the concept of convenience. That is why we made it super easy to use and kept the interface clean. People are seeing their doctor more often because it is so easy to schedule appointments. Those are the little things that help improve people’s lives,” Matt said.

Reaping The Good Results 

Matt shared that their software helped chiropractors, doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals get good reviews and acquire hundreds of new patients every year.  “We have clients who are a good number of new patients annually using our software. In some instances, they even canceled other marketing programs and only used our platform for their marketing efforts,” Matt explained. 

Matt said that they have a recent client who is now reaping the benefits of the software. Previously, the client utilized marketing programs that brought him an average of 280 new patients every year. But when he started using Review Wave in 2019, things got better. The client acquired 307 new patients in the first year and 400 new patients in the following year with no external marketing.

Another success story is about a female chiropractor who previously hates going to work on Monday. She could not enjoy the weekend because she is worried about the tons of messages from people who want to schedule or change their appointment dates. “Our software solved all her problems. Now, she is getting excellent statistics while enjoying her work and her family life,” Matt added.

Matt said that their software brought good results to their clients, which allowed the company to acquire active clients from zero to 2,500 in only five years. “We became successful because we focus our efforts on improving patient experience. Our software made life easier for the healthcare providers and their patients,” he continued.

Nowadays, Review Wave is helping improve people’s healthcare as it actively engages with at least ten million people. For Matt, patient experience is everything in the healthcare sector. “Our life is a collection of experiences. People will not remember you for what you say, but on how you make them feel,” he emphasized.

Now, it is your time to create a better patient experience. Take the opportunity!

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