Health Tips, Myths and Tricks

December 19, 2018 kevin 0

Reading Time: 2 minutes Morton E. Tavel, MD, with over 40 years of experience in helping tens of thousands of patients as a physician specialist in internal medicine and […]

Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40

May 15, 2018 kevin 0

Reading Time: 3 minutes The new dental health book “Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40: 7 Secrets to Feeling 7 Years Younger” shatters the myth that plastic surgery is the […]

Why You Age Faster

July 28, 2017 kevin 0

Reading Time: 2 minutes No one wants to set themselves up for premature aging. But, as healing arts practitioner Marie Knoetig explains, there are many decisions we make without thinking that […]

Obamacare’s Failures

October 19, 2016 kevin 0

Reading Time: 4 minutes By USDR Since the Obamacare exchanges opened for business on October 1, 2013, they have struggled to deliver quality, affordable health insurance options to Americans. Despite the ongoing […]