Cheapest Online Blood Tests to Make Preventive Health Care Affordable

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National Discount Labs is creating a unique affordable offering in the health industry by selling the cheapest online blood tests in order to make preventive health care affordable and accessible to everyone. Getting routine blood tests helps patients determine if they have risk factors for certain diseases, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of any current medications they’re taking.

Many customers find value in being able to easily order lab tests online, especially for those that:

  • Lack health insurance or their insurance won’t cover certain lab tests they want.
  • Have a doctor but their doctor, for various reasons, won’t order the requested blood tests.
  • Like the added convenience and low cost online blood testing.
  • Want results very quickly and can’t wait for a medical appointment.
  • Want discreet medical testing.
  • Like to continually monitor their health status.

National Discount Labs partners with LabCorp lab testing facilities to offer a wide selection of online blood tests from diabetes, thyroid, heart disease, or testosterone blood tests, to nutrition status panels, and comprehensive health panels. By bypassing the hospitals, and instead linking customers up with hundreds of conveniently located lab processing facilities directly, National Discount Labs is able to cut out the middleman, allowing people to order any online blood test, on demand, anytime, anywhere, and at the lowest discounted prices.

With an easy to order process on their website, people can buy any blood test online confidentially and securely in three easy steps. They differentiate themselves by also offering a blood results interpretation service which helps patients better understand their blood test results, allowing them to take better control of their health and make more informed decisions.

National Discount Labs service was founded by a team of health care professionals who are passionate about health promotion and preventive medicine. As a nationwide lab testing service they serve nearly all states with a mission to make preventive health care affordable and accessible to everybody. Their cheap online lab testing is helping lead the way towards a healthier future for all.

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