Trump Has Begun to Clean (the White) House

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Rumor has had it for quite some time that, after the midterm election, Donald Trump would begin to fire (or accept the resignation) of several members of his Administration.  In particular, he has long had it all for his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Sessions choice to recuse himself from Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation, made him poison to the President.  His disdain for the Attorney General is covered well in this interview on the Today Show:

White House insiders say Sessions is just the beginning.  There are many that will be “finding the door” now this midterm election is behind him.  There is no doubt Trump feels relief by the results.  He would have preferred to have both Houses of Congress, but he said in a press conference today that he is glad to have the Senate as a firewall against the House when it comes to the threat of impeachment.   He discussed how he sees the Senate protecting him from the House in a press conference today (below).  However, he knows the House can make him busy with investigations and subpoenas.

Here is how that resignation was covered by Fox Business.


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