The Best Online Nursing Programs for 2019

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To inform and guide prospective nursing students to valuable educational options, Nursing School Hub ( would like to announce its new 2019 rankings of the best online nursing degree programs in the US. NSH is an independent, unbiased site featuring rankings, resources, and information for nurses and nursing students. Four recent rankings cover the gamut of online nursing degree programs:

Top 25 Online RN to BSN Programs 2019 (
Top Online RN to MSN Programs 2019 (
Top Online Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Programs 2019 (
Top 25 Most Affordable Online Nursing Degree Programs 2019 (

The Top 3 Online BSN Programs for 2019 are: 1) University of Arkansas; 2) University of Central Florida; 3) CUNY School of Professional Studies.

The Top 3 Online MSN Programs for 2019 are: 1) Johns Hopkins University; 2) University of ColoradoAnschutz; 3) University of Pittsburgh.

The Top 3 Online DNP Programs for 2019 are: 1) Johns Hopkins University; 2) University of ColoradoAnschutz; 3) University of Pittsburgh.

The Top 3 Most Affordable Online Nursing Degrees for 2019 are: 1) College of Coastal Georgia; 2) Georgia Southern University; 3) Fort Hays State Universities.

The full lists, with complete profiles and FAQs, can be seen on the pages listed above.

“The work of a nurse is arguably the most crucial in the entire healthcare system,” Nursing School Hub editors explain; “without them, healthcare would grind to a halt.” Education and training is extremely important for the nursing field: “thorough, accurate, and holistic training of nurses is mandatory to achieve the required credentials and competencies.” But nurses are too valuable to lose, even for them to improve their education (even though, as NSH editors note, “Direct care for patients suffering from physical or psychological illness is often considered more of a calling than a salaried profession.”) Since nurses aren’t encouraged to quit for 2-3 years for more schooling, online RN to BSN, MSN, and DNP programs are crucial to nursing education.

As BDC editors explain, “The best online nursing programs will provide working nurses with all they need to pass their RN exam, and to extend their education beyond the basics of an associate’s degree.” Online RN or BSN to MSN programs are “key to higher pay, greater responsibility, and increased career potential.” And as the Doctor of Nursing Practice becomes more widely recognized as the standard for leadership and advanced practice like Nurse Midwifery and Nurse Anesthetist, online DNP programs make sure “working nurses can juggle the demands of their professional careers and their families with their coursework and clinicals.”

Online programs allow nurses to continue serving patients while taking courses and gaining advanced clinical experience. They provide affordable options for nurses who can’t afford a massive student loan debt. And they help advance the nursing field as a whole with innovative approaches. To help working nurses find online programs that are convenient and affordable, Nursing School Hub has made a thorough investigation and ranking of the best online programs for every level of nursing education.

Nursing School Hub began with a mission to provide reliable, up-to-date information for working nurses, future nurses, and anyone curious about the opportunities the nursing field affords. With reliable rankings, timely resources, and comprehensive guides to all aspects of a nursing career, NSH is well on the way to being the only source nursing students will ever need.

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