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Morton E. Tavel, MD, with over 40 years of experience in helping tens of thousands of patients as a physician specialist in internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases, educates us and warns against an outbreak of fake science, bad medical advice, and health scams in his book, Health Tips, Myths and Tricks:  Health Information To Liberate Us From “Snake Oil.

Despite the fact we are living in an era of information being produced and accessed at a record level, Americans also suffer from not knowing whom to trust, which information is legitimate, and which advice is sound and proven.  Enter Dr. Tavel.

“As a conventional physician, I am regularly repelled by many false and unscientific claims made to the public by both qualified and unqualified individuals,” says Dr. Tavel, “Thus, I have decided to set the record straight on many health subjects, all of which have been researched and backed by solid science.”

“Today’s consumer has been lied to, denied the facts, misled, manipulated, and victimized by people masquerading as trusted experts,” says Dr. Tavel.  “It’s time that the public learn the truth and get the cure needed to defend against an epidemic of false advertising, fake news, and outdated treatments.”

Dr. Tavel covers some of the most burning and pressing issues that every health consumer has to confront, including fake cures, health conspiracy theories, and these:

  • Which foods should I eat –or avoid?
  • How do I lose weight — and keep it off?
  • Do I really need to curtail red meat?
  • Are e-cigarettes okay?
  • Does it pay to drink bottled water?

“In this manual,” says Kirkus Reviews, “a physician delivers facts and research to puncture scams, myths, and trends that have more to do with consumerism than wellness… A persuasive, informative, and well-structured guide to deciphering health care advice.”

“The established medical community must become active participants in the process of “whistle blowing” over the myriad false claims circulating all around us,” asserts Dr. Tavel.  “The public needs to be cleansed of harmful advice, and governmental agencies need to do more to protect us in the 21st century.”

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