Michael Andrew Lauchlan: 5 Ways Writing Poetry Has Enhanced His Creative Entrepreneurial Skills

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Creativity is important in so many aspects. It helps to communicate convincingly as well as to aid learning. Today, our creative focal point will be poetry.

Poetry can be complex and quite multifaceted, laced with deep and diverse thoughts and interpretations. Despite this, however, it is not without its own catch-point, and that, for many people, is creativity.

One interesting thing about poetry is that it can also be a useful tool in business. For this reason, we would examine how poetry work enhances creativity.

Being one of the creative approaches, poetry has helped Michael Andrew Lauchlan, in his entrepreneurial skills. Let’s consider how this is so.

Improved Cognition

Michael Andrew Lauchlan has testified to how poetry has improved his cognitive function and, in turn, enhanced his entrepreneurial skills. He now knows so many words that he finds it pretty easy to express his thoughts and feelings. This comes in handy when he needs to convince a prospective client.

Additionally, Poetry has helped develop his thinking capabilities. Thus, it helps the maturing of skills such as problem-solving when trying to solve complex and ambiguous business problems.

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Heightened Creativity

The application of abstract thinking in poetry to business contexts helps entrepreneurs like Michael with heightened creativity. For him, creativity is highly valued in the business. With it, he can think more strategically while converting business data into prompters of remarkable business success.


According to Michael, the practice of successful business is largely hinged on one’s ability to understand the experience of others. This will include one’s employees, marketers, and even managers.

Understanding empathy and showing this to customers helps establish a connection between the buyer and seller. This is similar to what happens between the poet and those reading the poem. This bond has helped him to generate more experiences for his business and, in turn, drive sales.

Healing of Emotional Pain and Helping To Celebrate

Grief is no doubt one painful emotion that people need help dealing with. But, asides from this, it is also a medium through which some of the world’s greatest poems were written.

For Michael, poetry helps him express the loss he encounters in his daily entrepreneurial activities.

In the same vein, poetry helps him to celebrate business wins and victories. It also helps him to capture all the feelings and imprint them through a medium that can be experienced repeatedly.

Providing An Avenue For Inspiration 

If there is one thing we know of, it is the fact that we are not alone. Also, in everything we are doing and exploring, we are trying to find answers to the various problem being encountered. This is why there’s a bond between business and poetry.

Michael Andrew Lauchlan thinks that poetry is a useful and inspirational tool for business thinking and marketing strategy. They are quite distinct; thus, they go together as they play off each other’s distinct ends.

For him, it is the reason why a discipline such as poetry can shed proper light on business and entrepreneurship. Here are some of his favorite poetry books of all time for inspiration.

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