The Most Common Types of Lawyers

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If you are currently facing legal or civil troubles, you probably know that now is the time to find some fantastic legal representation. What you might now know is that there are literally dozens of different kinds of lawyers. 

Depending on what issue you are currently dealing with, you might need a lawyer with very specific set of skills, knowledge and expertise. The difference between success and failure when your case heads to court can depend on your ability to identify and choose the right type of lawyer for the job.

Doing this will ensure that you have a lawyer that knows exactly how to approach your case. To help you on your journey of finding the right lawyer, let’s go over the most common types of lawyers. 

Criminal defense lawyers

These lawyers handle any type of criminal case. From theft, to drunk driving, to assault and battery, they understand precisely how to defend someone who has been arrested and charged. 

Family lawyers

Family lawyers are attorneys who are experts when it comes to family law. They handle all types of family law from divorce, to child custody and how to help facilitate a successful adoption. When searching for this kind of lawyer, make sure to seek out professionals who live and work in your area, as family law can differ state to state. 

Corporate lawyers

Whether you run a small business or a massive corporation, chances are good that you will one day need the assistance of a corporate lawyer. Corporations all over the world trust their business dealings in the hands of these kinds of lawyers. They can develop contracts, patents and many other legal issues that can come about as a result of running a business. 

Personal injury lawyers

If you have been injured while working your job, involved in a serious car accident, or have deal with something like a bed bug problem that you landlord refuses to remedy, a personal injury lawyer can help you get recouped for your pain and suffering through financial retribution. 

Estate lawyer

Most facilities or individuals will hire an estate lawyer as some point. Estate lawyers are experts at organizing an individual’s or household’s assets in the event of death or critical injury. Wills and trusts will often be drafted with the counsel of an estate lawyer. 

While there are dozens of other types of important lawyers, these are certainly the most common and are the most likely that you will work with in any walk of life. If you are dealing with legal or civil issues, it is important for you to start doing the research necessary to find the best lawyer available to you. 

It can definitely be an overwhelming experience finding the right lawyer for you. Hopefully, this quick list has helped you to better understand which type of lawyer will be needed for the issue that you are currently facing or are expecting to face in the near future.


Good luck! 

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