4 Important FAQs About Transferring Universities

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If you are contemplating transferring from one university to another, chances are good you have quite a few questions. 

This is understandable.  Whenever you are making an important life decision such as this, it is important that you weigh the positives and negatives, as well as try to see the situation from a number of different sides. 

If you are wondering what kind of questions you should be asking yourself, read on! We’ve already though of four of the most important ones so that you don’t have to. 

  • Am I justified in thinking to transfer colleges?

There are a handful of really good reasons to want to transfer from one university to another. There are also, however, some not-so-great reasons as well. Some of the best reasons to want to transfer colleges, such as doing a UT Austin transfer is because your current university does not meet your academic standards. Or perhaps you are looking for a larger school or a smaller school, or your school doesn’t have a strong program in the field of study you are pursuing. 

Some of the more unreasonable reasons to transfer is because you are trying to make a long-distance relationship work, or if you are trying to transfer to a more prestigious school with no real reason behind it. 

  • What are some of the first steps I should take to transfer?

The most important thing you want to do if you are interested in transferring universities is to read up on some of the universities you are interested in. Don’t just transfer because you are certain you will be happier somewhere else, really educate yourself to make sure that this next school is going to be a better fit. 

Once you have that early info you think you need, schedule a visit with your advisor and start getting to work on developing your transfer application. 

  • Is there a specific time of year to try to transfer?

The answer to this question deals less with the time of year, and more with where you are at as a student. Many universities and colleges accept transfers year-round at the start of every new term. Time more importantly relates to your education. Where are you along the way of getting your degree? How are your grades?

The answer to these two questions will help you decide whether you should just keep working your tail off to get your degree and move on to the next new thing, or if you should stick it out another semester so you can improve your current GPA. 

  • Can I still graduate in four years if I transfer?

Absolutely you can! It can certainly be made harder as there may be more requirements to get your degree and graduate at your new university, but it is definitely possible. The main thing you need to figure out regarding your estimated graduation date is how many credits you will be able to bring with you to your new school. 


If you find that a specific school does not accept credit transfers, you will likely want to reconsider applying to that school and find an institution that does accept your credits instead.

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