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What if a boy, pulled on a skateboard by his dog, explored some of the most beautiful places in Michigan? That is the premise of the new Smash Mob music video for the song Take Me For Your Ride (PURE MICHIGAN version). The music video is a loving postcard to acquaint and/or remind us of the beauty of Michigan – just in time for the summer vacation months.

“The Pure Michigan ad campaign is well known all around the country, but it always felt a tad impersonal to me. Unlike Michigan.org, we don’t have $34 million dollars to spend, but I thought, just with my phone’s camera, I might be able to give a booster shot to the national campaign. Rather than just taking the obvious route of showing pretty postcard images, I hoped I could bring an ‘up close and personal’ approach to showing how amazing Michigan is. I want viewers to imagine the feel of our sand under their feet, swimming in our fresh water, to see what it is like being beneath a waterfall, etc. This ‘boy and his dog’ theme, is my attempt to do just that,” explains Rogala.

“As a co-owner of several businesses in northern Michigan (Mackinaw Mill Creek CampingThe Mackinaw Club Golf Course, and Mackinac Lakefront Cabins), I have an interest in sharing the beauty of our state. I contacted both Michigan.org and McCann (the PR firm handling the Pure Michigan ad campaign) through several channels, to explore working together — neither returned my calls. But it is 2017, and with YouTube and the internet, we don’t need tens of millions of dollars to show the world what our state has to offer – as long as people who watch the video enjoy and most importantly — share it,” explained Rogala.

“Despite the tremendous amount of work it took to create the song and video, we are not monetizing (placing ads on) the video. We have nothing financially to gain from it going viral. It is our gift to Michigan. We will be happy if those to love, live, work and have businesses here share it and get the word out about our beautiful state,” explained Rogala.

Featuring Devin Jay Baker (Rogala’s stepson), and Raven, a half Greyhound, half Black Labrador Retriever, the music video highlights the song’s theme of discovering new places in Michigan. “I tried to direct and shoot in a way that kept the time period fairly indistinct, to give it a nostalgic ‘Huckleberry Finn-ish’ timeless vibe,” explained Rogala.

Besides this video, there is a second “Smash Mob” version of the song and video that features the members of Smash Mob playing backwoods characters with a bit of a different storyline (not to mention a surprise ending).

Smash Mob is the teaming of the veteran performer, songwriter, producer, award-winning filmmaker/screenwriter, Frank Rogala (lead vocalist for EXUDE and NC-17) and performer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, Jason Eldridge. Along with composing and producing singles and music videos for themselves and other artists, Smash Mob has created music for dozens of films & TV shows, most notably, the theme for the History Channel show “Alone.”

When asked what was next for Smash Mob, Eldridge said, “It is the summer of Wonder Woman, and we were excited to have been asked to create updated mixes of the theme song from the classic Wonder Woman ABC TV show. Our new mixes of the theme song should drop within the next two or three weeks,” said Eldridge.

You can keep up with Smash Mob, hear their music and see their music videos at SmashMobMusic.com

Take Me For Your Ride PURE MICHIGAN by Smash Mob is available online through outlets including Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, Beats Music, etc.

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