Developing “Hero Habits” at Work

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Michael Hahn, a Lisle-Illinois based authority on organizational culture and employee engagement, understands the power and interest that superheroes hold in the eyes of many. Hahn took the concept of how people can be either the heroes or villains in their own lives in his new book “Hero Habits: The Guide to Thriving in Corporate America + In Life” which had a recent successful launch at Naperville’s TopGolf.

“Life can be so difficult but it’s really simple,” Hahn said. “Through hundreds of interviews, I’ve discovered that being a hero boils down to living the Hero Habits: designing your life as a winnable game; assuming positive intent when others give you feedback and choosing happiness instead of defaulting to misery.”

The book takes readers through the parable of James, a typical over-achiever, who is struggling after a recent promotion. Over the course of two demanding weeks, he experiences the perfect storm of unexpected challenges that threaten his marriage, career, health, and sanity.

In addition to James’ story, readers are introduced to seven straightforward principles: “Design a Winnable Game”, “Assume Positive Intent”, “Choose Happiness”, “Be All In”, “Pay It Forward”, “Be Here”, and “Consult the Owl”; which introduce the hero beliefs and behaviors that also correlate to the four basic personality types.

Hahn also stressed how being authentic at work and at home plays an important part of how people live their lives.

“You can only be you,” he explained. “If you try to be someone else, you’re in an unwinnable game. If you leverage your strengths and know who you are and stretch yourself to achieve your goals, you’ll find out what you are made of.”

Tim Deegan, manager of customer success at LinkedIn in Chicago, came to support Hahn who is also his career coach. Deegan knows success for his team requires them to be heroes at work.

“Michael’s way of delivering content is easily digestible,” Deegan said. “The way that he wrote his book–in a fable–is something that makes it much easier for readers to digest. Using content like this, it will be easier to coach my team.”

Hahn donates $1 from the sale of each book to Feed My Starving Children, a Christian nonprofit organization that provides nutritionally complete meals for malnourished children. Hahn will donate $157 based on the proceeds from his book launch.

Hahn’s book is available on Amazon. For more information about Michael Hahn and his book “Hero Habits,” please visit:

About Michael Hahn:
Michael H. Hahn is an outstanding authority and international speaker on organizational culture, employee engagement and personal mastery. He brings high energy, intense passion and humorous style to inspire audiences to embrace their inner hero. He speaks to audiences across North America at conferences, sales kickoffs and corporate events.

Michael is the CEO of Beyond Good Teams and author of Hero Habits: The Guide to Thriving in Corporate America and in Life. For information about Michael, visit his website:

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