New Cartoon Book Takes Humorous Look at Military Service

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Known as the “Cowboy Cartoonist,” Daryl Talbot has released his second collection of military-themed comics. Entitled “Laughing in Rank and File: Military Cartoon Humorousness,” the drawings depict the funny side of life for service members.

The collection of drawings is a follow-up to his first collection, called “Laughing in Cadence,” and includes comics that have appeared in several local magazines over the years. The different comics depict several different military-related scenarios such as basic training, overseas combat, and the antics of drill sergeants and their recruits.

“The military has changed so much since Vietnam, Korea, and World War II,” Talbot said. “I’ve personally experienced many of the situations depicted in my cartoons, and I try to bring that humor to modern-day military life.”

Talbot’s inspiration for the comics come from his 22 years of military service. During his time in the military, he served in the Navy, Army Reserves, Air Force Reserves and as a Marine. He also served with the Oklahoma Air National Guard.

“Serving in the military is very stressful and demanding in every way possible,” said Talbot. “It helps to try and find humor in combat, training and everyday military life.”

With his fun drawings and punchy one-liners, “Laughing in Rank and File” will give veterans, service members and civilians alike a hearty laugh.

“Laughing in Rank and File: Military Cartoon Humorousness”
By Daryl Talbot
ISBN: 978-1524575434 (hardback); 978-1524575410 (paperback)
Available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon

About the author
Daryl Talbot, aka the “Cowboy Cartoonist,” graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1973 with a degree in art education. Since then, he has been cartooning for the Leatherneck Magazine, which caters to active and former Marines, as well as other local publications. Talbot currently resides in Oklahoma ad continues to draw humorous cartoons.

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