Why You Age Faster

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No one wants to set themselves up for premature aging. But, as healing arts practitioner Marie Knoetig explains, there are many decisions we make without thinking that can lead us to grow old in the worst possible way.

According to Knoetig, such everyday choices as what shoes we wear, the quality of the living room couch we sit on and the mattress we lay down on can have dire consequences. “These are all things that can help you grow old gracefully but no one gives them much thought,” she says.

Knoetig, author of The Missing Piece to Health and Aging Gracefully, released in July by Global Reality Press, says, “The foundation of good health does not involve going to the gym. No, the foundation for good health is living your life by keeping your body straight. If your hips and spine are out of position, then everything else is off—your economy of movement is off, cleaning is harder, you have no energy. The good news is that making simple changes can alter the outcome.”

Among her advice:

  • Lifting, tugging and pulling requires wearing the best quality shoes, so don’t garden with old shoes just to avoid getting your good ones dirty.
  • Replace your old mattress. Spending eight hours a night on a poor mattress impedes your body from healing and relaxing properly.
  • Sitting eight hours a day hunched in front of a computer is like giving your body a bad workout. You need to counter that negative training with exercise.
  • Your old comfortable couch may be the reason behind your hip and back pain.
  • Even chocolate cake can age you under certain circumstances.

About the author

Marie Knoetig is a healing arts practitioner, intuitive energy healer and author of a new series of Body Within Books of which The Missing Piece to Health and Aging Gracefully is the first. After earning a degree in exercise science and going through her own healing journey, Knoetig has taken 18 years of experience from her successful healing arts practice and put her knowledge in her first book to help her readers learn how to help themselves. She is the founder of the Body Within healing modality and community.

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SOURCE Marie Knoetig

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