Recipe Book Shows the Impact of Self-Image and Weight loss Control

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Morgan James’s new release, When Food is Your Frenemy: From Obesity to Restored Health, by Jacob F. Bustos, guides those who are morbidly obese to make necessary changes to live full and healthy lives. As someone who has personally struggled with obesity, Jacob F. Bustos wants to let others in similar situations know that they are not alone. When Food is Your Frenemy shares essential techniques for adults struggling with weight loss, so that they may develop a healthy relationship with food.

Jacob F. Bustos knows how an imbalanced diet and a poor self-image can lead to excessive weight gain. His 25 years in the restaurant industry had led to morbid obesity, as well as multiple weight-related issues, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and poor liver health. Throughout When Food is Your Frenemy, Bustos describes his experience with bariatric surgery, warning adults to make changes before they get into a similar situation.

Bustos’ experience as a chef and restaurant executive, as well as his experience with unhealthy eating habits, have  informed much of his approach to clean and controlled eating. He explains that, while bariatric surgery is a necessary procedure, it must be paired with lifestyle changes for long-term results. His approach emphasizes the importance of portion control, positive self talk, and reframing one’s mindset in order to experience lasting change. When Food is Your Frenemy also includes many recipes and dietary suggestions that are not only healthy, but they transform ordinary meals into delicious, clean versions.

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