Must Have Tech Gadgets for Digital Nomads

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With a major shift towards remote working throughout the past year, and the rising opportunities for location independent business too, many of us will be exploring the exciting world the digital nomad lifestyle has to offer – there are plenty of tips and tricks for getting started and where the best locations may be here at digital nomad’s world, but there’s are also plenty of different gadgets that could make your experience that much better.


Laptop and Smartphone – The essentials of your ability to access and to start work is certainly within your laptop and smartphone. You’ll want to go for something lightweight for starters, given you’ll be lugging it around in your backpack and taking it in and out for flights and work. Similarly, finding something that may be a little easier to repair is important too, you may not be able to rely on local repair places as often as you’d like, so being able to patch up little issues here and there will certainly help you out.

Power Bank and Travel Adapters – In a similar note, you won’t always be able to rely on power outlets to give you what you need, whether you’re on the road for any period of time or somewhere there doesn’t have the best opportunities for delivering power, and a larger power bank will certainly help you out here. You may have to be careful on size for travel purposes, but there are plenty that are more than acceptable. You’ll also need to be able to charge your power bank too, so having a variety of universal adaptors for plugging both your power bank and laptop or phone in to charge means you aren’t ever away from access where it is possible. 

Portable Internet Options – Whilst you’ll always be able to rely on your hotspot from your mobile, you’ll have to be careful with roaming charges and data usage, and also know that you won’t always be able to access the faster 4G or even 5G connection depending on where you are. Fortunately, portable modems and hotspots have become much better over the years, as could provide you with a solid solution as necessary for keeping you online and keeping your options for work available. 

External Hard Drives and Cloud Storage – And finally is keeping all your files safe and secure, you’ll be able to get great access to external hard drives for quite cheap nowadays with a lot of capacity, and certainly worth picking up at least one to keep a local copy of some of your more important files. Similarly, cloud storage has come a long way too, and whilst  you’re out on the road you may want to invest in a cloud storage option too, so you have a second backup of all of your files accessible from anywhere. You may have a certain allowance for some free space, and a cost for a little more, so judge your own requirements based on current usage, and find where you may end up afterwards.

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