Industries Which Have Been Transformed By The Smartphone Revolution

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Since the first smartphone was released onto the market back in 2008 by Steve Jobs and Apple, we have seen the entire world transformed into the digital age in which we are now all so reliant on our smartphones to get about our everyday lives. Due to this, there are certain industries that have been totally transformed by the introduction of smartphones and below we look at these industries and why these industries.




The first industries that has been transformed by the smartphone revolution has got to be the retail shopping industry which has seen a shift to the digital era where most consumers are now shopping online. Gone are the days where we must travel to high street shops for items of choice where you can now log onto online e-commerce marketplaces and purchases almost anything online with ease. The reason why this has now become so popular is since you can order something in the evening whilst watching the television and have it delivered to your house the very next day for free.


Another industry that has been totally transformed by the smartphone and digital age has that of the gambling industry and is down to very similar reason to the retail shopping industry. The gambling industries shift to online has seen gambling operators catapult in terms of popularity as consumers now have access to their favourite forms of gambling e.g., online casinos at their fingertips. These casinos at are offering one of the best casino experiences on the internet and can offer sign-up bonuses which land-based casinos aren’t able to offer, and they are there to enhance and improve consumers gambling experiences – something certainly worth checking out. 


And finally, the last industry that has been transformed by the introduction of smartphones has been that of banking which has now all virtually been moved online and accessible through our smartphones. For many years, if we were wanting to create a transaction through our banks physically in the branch. When online banking way introduced, the smartphone developers were quick to create apps to ensure that your banking life was made easier for both your businesses and personal use. There are now even banks that are mobile-only and don’t have a bricks and mortar presence which is why many banks are now reducing the number of branches that they have due to the high cost of running a high-street store – can you imagine a life now where you still had to the visit the bank to make any form of transaction?


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