The Complete Guide to Sidewalk Maintenance and How It Can Benefit Your Business

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Curb appeal is the first thing people notice when they look at a house. It is what drives them to take a look at what’s behind the gates. Curb maintenance is not just about making sure that your sidewalks are clean and free of debris; it is also about making sure that it looks appealing to visitors.

How to Properly Maintain a Sidewalk

The sidewalk is a vital part of the urban landscape. It provides a space for people to walk on and also allows them to cross the street. Most sidewalks are made of concrete, but some other materials can be used to make them, such as asphalt or even brick. Asphalt is particularly useful for outdoor spaces and sidewalks. Visit to learn more about its benefits.

This article will provide you with advice on how to properly maintain a sidewalk and keep it clean, which has several benefits for the people living there.

A sidewalk should be cleaned at least once every month, depending on how often it is used and what kind of weather conditions it is exposed to. Cleaning the sidewalk can help prevent slips and falls, which can lead to injuries or even death. The best way to clean a sidewalk is by sweeping it with a broom or brush with stiff bristles, like those found in paint brushes.

Top 4 Benefits of Regular Sidewalk Cleaning

Regular sidewalk cleaning is not just about aesthetics. It has many benefits, such as reduced crime, improved public health, and increased property values.

Improved public health

Street sweeping removes dirt and debris that can contain harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. This can help reduce the spread of diseases.

Reduced crime

Sweeping the sidewalk and collecting trash go a long way in discouraging criminal behavior. In addition, the illegal disposal of garbage and other waste is less likely. Consequently, this can reduce the number of pests and rodents attracted to the area.

Increased property values and improved curb appeal

When an environment is well cared for, local property prices will increase. Homeowners will also find it easier to sell their homes, as the overall neighborhood has an improved curb appeal. 

Improved pedestrian safety

Cleaning the sidewalk can reduce the number of slips and falls due to poor maintenance, water, mud, or snow damage.

As you can see, keeping your sidewalks clean and well maintained has many benefits. You should remember that regular sidewalk maintenance is not just about aesthetics; it also improves public health and reduces crime rates in your neighborhood.

What should you look for in an asphalt supplier?

If you are planning on building a sidewalk, you may require asphalt. There are three major things that you should know about looking for an asphalt supplier. First, what is their experience in the industry? Second, what kind of asphalt do they have available? 


Asphalt suppliers differ in many ways and one of them is experience. Do you want to rely on a contractor that uses asphalt occasionally? Alternatively, do you want to choose one that specializes in all things asphalt, for example:

  • Construction
  • Repairs or resurfacing
  • Soil stabilization
  • Diverse installations such as:
    • Shopping & Retail Centers
    • Office car parks
    • Parks
    • Schools

Type of asphalt

The proper recipe used in asphalt is essential for the finished installation to be durable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. In addition, there are two other types of asphalt:

1. Cold mix asphalt (CMA)

Cold mix asphalt is a mixture of bitumen and aggregate, which means it does not need to be heated to be able to be used. It can be used for construction projects that are built at a high altitude or in cold places where heat can’t easily be produced.

2. Hot mix asphalt (HMA)

Hot mix asphalt needs to be warmed up before it can be used. This can be done by using a hot water truck or by using an asphalt tunnel. When using a hot water truck, the pavement will only stay warm for a short period, and it is not advised that you leave the pavement in an exposed area for too long.

Asphalt is an important part of the urban landscape, but many people don’t know how to treat their own sidewalks. By learning more about asphalt, you can start properly maintaining your sidewalks, which brings a range of benefits from improved safety, reduced crime, and better-looking neighborhoods.

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