How to Prevent a Break In

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Commercial door hardware needs to be safer, stronger and more reliable than residential locks. This is because businesses don’t just need to protect the lives of people such as employees, customers and clients but they also have to protect against theft of personal information, physical inventory, assets and company records too. Further, businesses aren’t just protecting against strangers wishing to vandalize or rob their place of operations. Companies need to protect against former employees, competitors, disgruntled clientele and more.

Upgrading Commercial Locks
Rather than leave businesses at risk for trespassing, theft and other crimes, TX Premier Locksmith urges commercial property owners and managers in Waco, Texas to upgrade their current security system. ”Our locksmiths have repaired many damaged doors over the last seven years and our conclusion is nearly always the same,” owner of TX Premier Locksmiths, Yair Frenkel said; “If commercial door hardware had been installed, the risk and damage would have been minimized”. Whether implementing a commercial security system for a new storefront or upgrading current locking mechanisms, consider these reasons why high security doors and locks are a worthy investment.

High Security Lock Technology
Companies deserves more than just a basic deadbolt. Professional locksmiths offer many technologically advanced systems including electronic locks, heavy duty mortise locks, high security commercial locks as well as keyless entry systems and access control which significantly reduce the risks associated with master keys. Access to different rooms and even drawers and cabinets etc can vary for each employee via biometrics, remote lock management and other systems.

Industrial Grade Strength Locks
Commercial door hardware is built to last; and withstand the force of a break-in. When upgrading from a standard deadbolt to high security commercial locks, the entire door and its frame can be reinforced, rather than just the area directly around the door knob. Industrial strength locks are much less likely to be picked or bypassed when proper procedures are followed.

Emergency Protection Door Lock Devices
There are other emergency situations besides fires that business owners must protect their employees and clientele from experiencing on their premises. Professional locksmiths provide many options such as panic bar exit devices and intercom systems to keep staff and customers safe.

Choosing to use high quality commercial door hardware has many advantages including safeguarding staff, inventory and resources. According to Frenkel, it all starts with a commercial security audit. “An audit evaluates the physical components of your commercial space and determines whether it is secured properly,” Yair stated; “Enlisting a commercial locksmith expert to perform a security audit of your business premises is a smart way to prevent unnecessary security breaches”.

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