How To Get Media Coverage For Destinations Using Technology

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Getting travel journalists interested in a story that has been told over a hundred times is one of the main challenges that destination marketers face. The best solution for this classic headache has always involved stirring a new element that gives everything a fresh look.  That mostly involves digging up technology-related angles that bring life to a popular story or using other technological tools to catch the media’s attention.

Thanks to technology, discovering new places have become easier than over two decades ago. In the 90s, even finding the best Nevada online poker sites was as strenuous as discovering a new place. To discover a new destination, most people had to go through any of these three mediums: risk going on an unpredictable road trip, hear a friend bragging about a recent expedition or a brand that has established its presence.

Today, marketers can use technology to promote destinations by getting media coverage all over the world using these smart ways.


  • Know The Topics That Reporters Are Interested In Covering


When it comes to getting media coverage, the press is one of the most important things to understand. Marketers need to have a clear understanding of newsworthy topics and the angles that reporters would be interested in covering about any destination. Unfortunately, some founders get too blinded to look at everything through the reporter’s eyes.

One of the best ways is following the current trends to see if you can unearth a newsworthy story on a certain location. That will not only give your destination a new approach, but it also captures the attention of many people since everyone is trying to keep in touch with the latest trends. The internet is also a good place to check previous stories and look at what hasn’t been exhaustively exposed.


  • Search Engine Marketing


For destination marketers, digital marketing is crucial. With sophisticated digital profiling techniques, it’s easy for marketers to reach specific users on social media at specific times. That allows them to penetrate a defined market that likely consumes and buy or act on their ideas.

Seasoned marketers know that Google Adwords, Google analytics, and Marketing automation software are crucial towards what the target customers need. That can also help boost interaction and gather a following over a certain story. 


  • Foster Good Relationships with Reporters


It’s not easy to create worthy relationships with travel reporters without a proven track record. However, new technologies are making work easier than they were over a decade ago. There are very many things that a destination marketer can do conveniently and faster, including scheduling some tasks to be completed automatically.

Starting by getting relevant contacts in the industry, a marketer can manage to build productive relationships with the right media personalities. Thanks to advancement in technology, you can easily find that information with the right skills, and it’s also easy to add value to the relationship using different tools. It also helps to know what would interest each reporter on your list. 

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