Hillary Clinton’s Shocking Assessment of Her Husband After Kavanaugh Attack

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During the controversial Brett Kavanaugh hearings for his confirmation as a Supreme Court Justice, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a full frontal verbal attack on the judge.  Here are her remarks in an extended interview with The Atlantic:

Clinton’s attack reminds us all that “people who live in glass houses should  not throw stones.” She argued that all #MeToo accusers should be believed.  With this criteria, she felt that Kavanaugh — without substantiating witnesses — should not have been confirmed by the US Senate for the Supreme Court.  This for offenses allegedly made in High School under the influence of alcohol. The passion of her attacks has naturally made people wonder whether she believed her husband, former President Bill Clinton, should be held at the same high standard.  Bill Clinton’s whole career certainly included a long sting of accusers about his behavior.  The most blatant example was his sexual relationship Clinton had with a White House intern. this led to the President committing perjury as he lied about the relationship. If Kavanaugh should be disqualified for his behavior in high school, isn’t Clinton’s behavior even worse as a mature adult who seemed to leverage his position as the most powerful man in the world to have a relationship with an intern?  Hillary Clinton does not seem to think so. She told CBS News:

Hillary Clinton’s performance is, in many respects, a #MeToo disaster moment on several fronts:

  • It was a classic “stand by your man” moment that made her look incredibly weak, while women are showing historic levels of strength.
  • It oddly backed up the male chauvinist attitude about female decision makers who are “too emotional” to be the head of government.  This was not a Margaret Thatcher moment for Clinton.
  • It has to make one even question her intelligence — or judgement — as she does verbal calisthenics to attack Kavanaugh at one moment while defending her husband at the next, it was very embarrassing.

This shocking display by Hillary Clinton, with the recent rise of the #MeToo movement, must have many women giving a quiet sigh of relief that the former Secretary of State did not get elected.


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