From Policeman to Hypnotherapist: Healing Trauma and Stress

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In this episode I chat with Andy Workman, a career police officer first in the RAF then local constabulary, who shares his post-retirement journey to becoming a hypnotherapist and his passion for working with those in stressful situations.

Andy joined the military police at the age of 17, choosing to transition to civilian police when he married at 20. He had a  28-year career with the Avon and Somerset Constabulary in Bristol, UK. Throughout his tenure in law enforcement, Andy was driven by a genuine desire to make the world a safer and better place, he rose to the rank of Inspector (roughly equivalent to US police lieutenant)

Andy first found out about hypnosis on behalf of a relative and then sought help for himself with exam anxiety. The results were astounding, propelling him to achieve place 24th in the UK for the Inspectors’ exam that year. This life-changing experience demonstrated the incredible efficacy of hypnotherapy, leading him to first train as a hypnotherapist and help his colleagues then to transition when he retired from the police,at age 48,  to build a successful career.

At the core of his transition was a deep-rooted desire to continue helping people and making them feel better. Having spent 32 years in law enforcement, seeing members of the force and the public dealing extremely stressful situations, he excels in aiding those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),

While he enjoys helping individuals his true pasion is educating those in the services, such as police, emergency services and military forces, about the inner workings of the human brain. By understanding why the brain reacts to trauma and stress and learning how to prevent these responses, individuals can reduce the risk of developing PTSD.

He is a frequent speaker across UK, EU and even (by zoom, he told me, ruefully) in Papua New Guinea. 

The book Cavemen and Polar Bears is available through Amazon Please contact him for further information about his work though the UK website

Denise Billen-Mejia MD, Consulting Hypnotist and Coach worked for two decades as a clinician in Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine and now, retired from medicine, she actively seeks opportunities to educate physicians and the public about hypnosis.

She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (section on Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine), and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Contact Denise through or the podcast page


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