Evil Foxes in the Tax-Exempt Political Henhouse

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, welcomed David Wilcox to provide another commentary in a series.

The David Wilcox Commentaries


In 1992, Benjamin Hart, a personal friend of Ralph Reed, arrived at the Christian Coalition.  He was to oversee the critical direct mail fundraising efforts for the Christian Coalition.  However,   Donald Black, the Marketing Director for the Christian Coalition at the time, later discovered that Benjamin Hart’s firm, Hart Conover, also owned two subsidiary companies (‘Universal Lists’ and ‘Federal Printing and Mailing’) being used to handle the Coalition’s collective direct mail efforts and also renting its mailing lists to the Coalition.  As a result, Benjamin Hart was “triple-dipping” by awarding himself lucrative ‘no bid’ contracts.  And Hart was getting rich in the process.  It was estimated that Mr. Hart may have relieved the Christian Coalition of “a million or more dollars” through his no-bid contract arrangement with Ralph Reed.

When Judy Leibert, the Chief Financial Officer, brought this situation to Reed’s attention in the fall of 1995, Reed admitted that he knew Benjamin Hart owned the other vendor firms.  Later, when Leibert pressed the issue, guess what God’s ‘Flim-Flam’ man did.  Ralph Reed suspended and later fired Judy Liebert and took no action against Hart, despite Leibert’s paper trail of evidence proving Hart’s textbook case of financial impropriety.  Knowing that Judy Liebert possessed information that could get him booted from the Coalition or even send him to jail,  Ralph Reed went a step further.  He ordered the immediate removal of the entire hard drive from Ms. Liebert’s office computer to destroy any incriminating evidence that would reveal what he had done.  But Ms. Liebert was no fool.  She was painfully aware of how Reed operated at the Christian Coalition.  Leibert later let Reed and others at the Coalition know she had duplicate copies of her Coalition computer information.  This fact sent Reed, Coalition Founder Pat Robertson, and Coalition subordinates into immediate panic mode.

Would you like to know the outcome of the Judy Liebert story and what eventually happened at the Christian Coalition due to Ralph Reed’s lack of integrity, ethical failures, and a deficit of financial accountability?  I’ll give you a hint.  It didn’t bode well for either Ralph Reed or the Coalition.  But that will all have to wait for another episode of the ‘Flim Flam Chronicles’, or read about it in my book, “The Trial of the Devil Incarnate – Ralph Reed: God’s ‘Flim Flam’ Man,” and see for yourself all of the documentation and irrefutable details.

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David Wilcox retired medically from the Oceanside Police Department in his home town of Oceanside, California. He was one of the most highly-decorated officers in the history of the department and a multiple gold-medalist in swimming in the Police Olympics during his law enforcement career.  In 1985, he swapped coasts, moving to Virginia Beach, Virginia, to attend graduate school at Regent University. While there, he was selected to work as an executive protection officer (aka bodyguard) for Pat Robertson, the Founder and President of the Christian Broadcasting Network. It was an exciting and challenging time to be at Pat Robertson’s side. Always a controversial lightning rod, Pat Robertson was just beginning a political campaign in his quest to become the Republican party candidate for President of the United States. David’s job was to keep Pat Robertson safe and alive while traveling the globe.  His first book, Protecting Pat Robertson – Confessions of a High-Priced Bagman is part memoir mixed with exposé. In it, David shares the revelatory truth of what it was like during those exciting yet challenging years. This book is the first of two memoir-style books he has written thus far. His other book, The Trial of the Devil Incarnate: Ralph Reed – God’s Flim-Flam Man exposes the scandalous truth about the duplicitous Ralph Reed, the former Executive Director of Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition. It reveals the shameful facts about the man the Huffington Post labeled as ‘one of the monumental hypocrites of our time’ in an innovative and informative format. A ‘tell-it-like-it-was’ author, David Wilcox pulls no punches revealing the behind-the-scenes truth about being Pat Robertson’s personally selected bodyguard. The revelations will leave you amused, bewildered and even shocked.

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