Did Senate Democrats “Blink” on Government Shutdown?

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Donald Trump is, without a doubt, the most unconventional President in modern US history.  He does not care about decorum or tradition, nor is he particular concerned about whether his comments or offensive or frightening to the political class.

Trump has made it clear that he doesn’t care if the government shuts down.  This is not the type of thing Presidents typically state, but it seems to be working.  Democrats do not want to go into the next election cycle seen as the cause of a shutdown (framed by the White House as “anti-military) and doing so at the expense of undocumented immigrants.

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It appears both parties have grown tired of punting the budget football and the Senate is working on a deal that could last for two years.  This is how it is being covered by the major media.  Nothing has passed either House and each of these videos lay out well the possibilities and challenges.


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