Brad Vaillancourt’s Commentary Feature on the Price of Business Digital Network

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Even at the young age of 11, Brad Vaillancourt had a quest to learn amazing ways to optimize human performance. He learned:

  • Methods that get athletes more explosive speed with incredible mobility by simply stimulating specific points on the body

  • Quicker and more complete recovery methods for peak athleticism (hockey, football, NCAA lacrosse, track & field, and later Ironman Canada)

  • Increasing neural drive for enhanced cognitive function and focus in order to optimize competitive stamina

Over the years, Brad has put his talents and worldwide education to use so that CEOs, entire sales teams, Olympic and professional athletes could set personal, company-wide, and national records.​

This is why so many people come to Brad for a huge array of reasons. They know his special skills deliver like no other.

Brad’s Remote Sessions have helped:

  • Stroke patients regain full mobility (ask about Marie’s clenched hand that completely freed in under 6 minutes)

  • High performance athletes reach new PR’s and a national record

  • Recover faster from stress, injury, etc

  • Doubled 2 CEOs workforces and productivity/net gains while simultaneously plummeting their stress levels

  • Brad even stopped an 83 yr. old’s stroke in progress, helping her to make a full recovery in one day!

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