Advice To Coaching Startups: 5 Lessons Millennials Can Learn From Cole Taylor

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Cole Taylor is a performance and health coach for entrepreneurs and business people. He is the founder of The Starting Line, a company that helps you create more in every area of your life. He works with hundreds of men to help them become leaders, husbands, fathers, and men that they are called to be. 

There are many lessons that millennials can learn from Cole Taylor. Some of them are; they should be confident, persistent, goal-oriented, responsible, and overcome challenges.

  • Confidence

From Cole Taylor’s experience, millennials learn that self-confidence is a crucial aspect of achieving success. Cole is confident. He has performed in front of crowds of over 30,000. Cole also has given a speech in church seminars and many other social gatherings. Cole has desired to grow even more in his businesses since he knows he can do it. Millennials can learn to be confident in anything and everything they do. They are encouraged not to fear anybody or anything that comes their way.

  • Persistence

Being persistent is having the ability to pursue a particular goal without giving up. Millennials can learn the importance of persistence from Cole Taylor. He usually gets over a thousand prospectives, and one hundred or more turns to be interested. Cole always continues to put more effort into achieving the best results. Millennials can get a lesson of not giving up on their dreams.

  • Goal Setting

Millennials can also learn to be goal-oriented. Cole was focused on what he wanted in life. Despite his numerous achievements, he was unsatisfied and always felt frustrated and empty inside. To him, it was not enough until getting to where he wanted to be. Millennials can get a lesson of being in the race continually. They should set realistic and achievable goals for them to know where they are heading.

  • Responsibility

Responsibility is the fundamental virtue of growth and development. Cole was responsible for carrying on the legacy of his late parents. Cole had to prove that he was enough to hold their name. Though it was exhausting and demanding, Cole did not look back. He responsibly held on.

  • Overcoming Challenges

The ability to overcome challenges is the power to let go of bad situations and not letting the past define you. Cole walked through the loss of his father, mother, and many loved ones. He learned to handle challenges until he became accustomed to loss eventually.No matter what he faced, even at work, Cole dealt with every problem by moving forward, putting his head down, and getting to work for the next goal. Millennials should learn that challenges are designed to be overcome. They should not get discouraged whenever they are faced with difficulties. Instead, they should learn to handle challenges wisely.

It’s vivid that the millennials have got numerous lessons from Cole. Confidence, persistence, goal setting, responsibility, and overcoming challenges are the top 5 Lessons learned. Additionally, engagement in a healthy competition is another lesson the millennials can learn from Cole. As a performance coach, Cole has walked alongside hundreds of men to help them become good leaders, husbands, and fathers. Cole also allows them to find more in every area of their lives.

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