3 Things You May Have to Report On as a Newscaster

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Being a newscaster is fast-paced, exciting, and difficult work. It can also be very rewarding. Depending on whether you work for a small station or one that covers national news, there are all sorts of stories you may be asked to cover over the course of your career. Some will be lighthearted, happy stories, but many will be extremely sad and heartbreaking.

Being a successful newscaster definitely takes a certain type of personality because you need to be able to deliver the news to the general public without getting too overly emotional about it on screen, but you should also have heart. This is certainly a delicate balance,  but if you have an idea of what to expect, it can help make your job a little easier. Here are some of the most likely things you may have to report on as a newscaster.

Natural Disasters

Depending on what area you are based in, natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods are all things that you may have to report on. Especially if it is a huge disaster, it will likely receive a lot of coverage in all different areas. You may be asked to travel to the site of the disaster, so you need to be prepared both mentally and physically to put yourself in danger for your job.


Accidents happen all the time, all over the world, and unfortunately getting injured in an accident is a common occurrence. You may have to report on something as common as a car accident or a strange and unusual freak accident, but either way you need to be prepared to report on serious life-threatening injuries, or even deaths.

Remember that you may see things that will make you uncomfortable while out in the field, and always keep in mind that all of the victims have families, friends, and people that love them so that you speak about them in a respectful manner when reporting.

Mass Shootings And Murders

One of the most devastating and challenging things you may be asked to report on as a newscaster is any type of murder, but mass shootings are especially horrible. They are also more common than ever before, especially in the United States. If this is something you don’t know if you can talk about without getting too emotional, you may want to consider a different career. Newscasters are allowed to cry, but at the same time they are required and expected to deliver news in a professional manner that is easy to understand. Of course, you are human, and some stories are just impossible to deliver without some level of sadness bubbling to the surface. Go easy on yourself and make sure to engage in proper self care, especially when reporting these types of difficult stories.

Being a newscaster is a great career and though it is hard work, if you love reporting it will be worth it to you. Preparing yourself for the types of stories you may have to face in your career will only help you in the long run.

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