World’s Largest Army is in Denmark for War Online Game

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By  Reto-Moto, Special for USDR

Independent Danish Game Studio Reto-Moto are bringing people from all over the world together in one giant army.

With a growing and friendly community and a focus on team play, the innovative action game Heroes & Generals has succeeded in bringing players from all around the globe together, forming lifelong friendships.

More than 8.5 million players from 194 countries have already signed up to fight for victory and friends in the midst of World War 2, playing as Germany, the United States or the Soviet Union.

“You play together with thousands of other players in a big online war. Yet, you still have the close teamwork in the ground combat – elements that encourage players to be social, organize themselves and make friends within the community,” says Jacob Andersen, Game Director at Reto-Moto.

The Team Always Has Your Back

Heroes & Generals is a complete war experience, where your team always has your back. Every single player makes a difference, but you win, lose and make friends as a team.

You play as heroes fighting on the frontline, flying planes, parachuting and commanding vehicles ranging from ordinary bicycles to heavily armored tanks as you take part in one grand, persistent online war fought by players across the world. Some players even take control of the war as generals determining the strategic direction.

As a player, everything you do matters. You have a sense of purpose in the war and a reason to form lasting bonds with your brothers in arms.

Make a difference – Fight for Friends.

Created by Industry Veterans

Heroes & Generals is developed and published by the independent Danish game studio Reto-Moto, established in 2008 by the original creators of the successful Hitman series.

“Creating a global success like Heroes & Generals while being a small independent Danish game studio like Reto-Moto requires a solid team of dedicated people,” says Martin Pollas, CEO at Reto-Moto: “At Reto-Moto we are all willing to go that extra mile for our colleagues and the company in achieving our ambitions and redefine a genre – like we did with Hitman. We take pride in being pioneering – trying out new things is in our dna. Heroes & Generals is a global constantly evolving game, and we will continue investing in the game and the community to further add value for our players, and strengthen our position as the ultimate World War 2 game experience.”

Heroes & Generals launches today and is available for free at and on  Steam.


  • One grand war: Take part in one grand, persistent online war where everything you do makes a difference.
  • Team play: Stand, fight, win and become friends for life against overwhelming numbers.
  • Three factions: Choose a faction – join as Germany, the United States or the Soviet Union.
  • Six soldier types: Play as Infantry, Tank crew, Fighter pilot, Paratrooper, Recon or General – choosing the role and playstyle that suits you.
  • 60+ weapons: Arm yourself with authentic WW2 weapons like the US M1A1 Thompson submachine gun, the Soviet PPSH-41 submachine gun or the German Sturmgewehr 44. Engage in close combat with a wrench or a spade. With future updates, the arsenal is ever-expanding.
  • 65+ vehicles: Tanks, armored vehicles, motorcycles and fighter planes – they are all there. So are bicycles and amphibious vehicles. Future updates will add even more vehicles.
  • Community: During open beta, Heroes & Generals attracted more than 8.5 million players from 194 different countries, forming a dedicated and friendly community.
  • Character progression: Set your soldier on a career path progressing in skill, unlocking perks and new equipment as you fight in the war.
  • Veteran game developers: Developed by the original creators of the Hitman series.
  • Continuous development: Heroes & Generals is updated regularly with new features, technology and content.

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About Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals is the ultimate WW2 game. A free-to-play MMOFPS, where Germany, the United States and the Soviet Unionfight for victory in one grand, persistent online war fought by players across the world with access to a huge arsenal of vehicles and weapons. You fight and make friends as a team and as part of a huge and growing community. No matter if you play as Infantry, Tank crew, Fighter pilot, Paratrooper, Recon or as a General taking strategic decisions – everything you do makes a difference in the war.

Heroes & Generals has over 8.5 million players and is available for PC at and on  Steam.

About Reto-Moto

Reto-Moto is an independent game studio based in Copenhagen and established in 2008 by the original founders of IO Interactive and the creators of the Hitman series.

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