The Three Most Useful and Helps Tips That You Need To Know on Windows 11

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Windows 11 is the newest version of Microsoft’s long-running operating system, and it is now available those who have PCs that are compatible with it. If you make the switch, you’ll notice a sleek overhaul, with a centred taskbar that looks similar to Chrome OS and softened edges on applications. Windows 11 is essentially the same operating system, but there are three new features that you should be familiar with in order to fully get the most experience and use out of the operating system. 

Have all your Widgets Together

While Windows 10 experimented with widgets, Windows 11 went all-in on them. In addition to checking the weather, sports scores, tracking stock prices, watching local traffic, managing your Outlook calendar and to-do list, and reading the latest news, a new Widgets icon on the taskbar may let you accomplish all of these things. Microsoft News allows you to personalise the widgets to meet your specific requirements, rearrange them on the page, and manage your newsfeed settings. You can also place your downloaded applications in the widget section, therefore, you can easily access all your widgets as everything is all together, on that note, it means you can easily play games at casino non aams in a few clicks instead of going on the internet browser, typing in the site, logging in etc. By playing on online gaming sites, you have the potential chance of winning money. 

More Multitasking Layouts 

Microsoft has maintained the snap and resize capability since Windows 7, but with Snap Layouts in Windows 11, the feature receives a significant boost. The ability to move windows around is still available in Windows 11 but hovering over the Maximize button on compatible programmes will provide a menu of layout options, for example, one giant window on the left and two on top of each other on the right, or three in a row. Select your desired configuration by clicking on it, and then drag and drop your applications into position.

Desktop Management is Now Easier 

Microsoft has replaced the old Task View button on the taskbar with a revamped icon, which makes it simpler to create and manage numerous desktops on the computer. Simply mouse over the icon to check whether any virtual desktops are currently active, or to create a new virtual desktop. These desktops may then be changed as desired, and programmes that are already on one desktop can be moved to another desktop if necessary.

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