The Launch of its Latest Large-scale Industrial Printers

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Today, most consumer 3D printers are greatly limited by their build size. Their small physical dimensions make it impossible to print large-scale models and the industrial-size 3D printers that do exist are prohibitively expensive, leaving a large portion of users without a viable solution. Now, that all changes with the exciting new printer from iBridger.

iBridger has created the perfect combination of performance and price with their latest industrial FDM 3D printer. Featuring dual high-temp print nozzles, multiple filament bins, constant temp thermostatic chamber and support for virtually all plastics, the iBridger produces large-scale highly accurate, industrial-grade prints bigger and better.

“Guided by the unique needs of our customers and clients, we knew that performance, ease of use, and affordability were essential. Our goal was to create a large-scale FDM 3D printer with industrial-grade performance and make it easy to use and affordable enough for everyone. The result is iBridger – the bridge between ideas and reality,” said Leo Zhang, CEO, iBridger.

iBridger is built with an all-metal frame around a large, enclosed build area. With a build volume up to 17 x 17.5 x 23″ / 430 x 445 x 585mm, iBridger is designed for high-performance industrial applications, including prototyping, creating tooling for manufacturing or volume printing of complex end-use products and models.

iBridger has powerful features including a thermostatic chamber and four filament bins to ensure interruption-free, non-stop prints. The result is models of incredible accuracy and print resolution of ±0.2mm or ±0.002mm/mm. For the ultimate versatility, iBridger supports multiple high-performance filaments including high-temp filaments.

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