Moving From the Limited Mind to the Infinite Space of the Heart

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 Sunny Swearsky

Hi, this is Sunny Swearsky from Blossom Beyond Abuse. You can learn more about me at

Today I want to discuss how I moved from the limited mind to the infinite space of the heart as a survivor of childhood sexual assault.

As a teenager, I struggled with depression and low self-esteem. Therapists and psychiatrists didn’t help.

I self-medicated with drugs and alcohol that spiraled into bad relationships, financial struggles and suicidal thoughts.

I found Reiki energy healing and became a practitioner in 1993. This changed the trajectory of my life.

After a Reiki session, a repressed memory surfaced that I was sexually assaulted as a child.

This sparked deeper healing and an awakening experience that I am much more than I previously thought.

After decades of metaphysical studies, energy healing, and working as a sexual assault crisis counselor for a few years, I decided it was time to share my knowledge.

So I created Blossom Beyond Abuse and the Living Light Program-a holistic, non-clinical program for survivors of abuse and trauma. Knowing ourselves as infinite beings in a physical body opens us up to an expansive life. My process is about moving from the very limited head/mind to the infinite space of the heart. It has transformed my life and others.

Holistic healing is backed by science. Science and spirituality are merging. If you question this, please watch this video of Dr.Gregg Braden:

I am offering all Price of Business listeners a free short audio meditation that I created to get your day started on the right foot, along with a bonus digital Living Light Guide that is packed with holistic practices that I used to heal from trauma. Please go here to download:

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