The Case for Trump’s EPA Cuts

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“Any policies that make the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) more efficient and bring more focus to clean air and clean water will be appreciated by all Americans. The proposed budget cuts will force the EPA to limit its scope and concentrate more specifically on its mission to ensure clean air and clean water.

“Frustrations with the EPA come from both the business community and environmentalists.  There are a significant number of projects that are designed to help the environment that the agency is taking too long to enact. Contrary to what critics may allege, the budget cuts are not designed to allow developers to cut corners and get quicker, or inappropriate, approvals of projects.  The strategy is to streamline regulations to increase focus on the priorities – clean air and clean water.  President Trump and EPA Administrator Pruitt will demand efficiency, which will result in solid environmental work.

“Unfortunately, over time and different administrations, a lack of leadership has caused a wavering of that focus and delayed improvements to our water and air quality. The EPA swayed away from the purposes of the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act.  Situations like the water crisis in Flint should not happen in the United States of America, and I’m confident that President Trump’s environmental policies will prevent that type of negligence in the future.  I have spent 15 years advising President Trump and the Trump Organization about the environment, particularly regarding his development projects. I know he cares.

“The challenge for EPA Administrator Pruitt will be to channel the EPA’s practices, policies and resources toward clean air and clean water.  The EPA must focus on enhancing and expanding habitats and on important air and water issues.  The mandate, which I know President Trump supports, is to leave the planet better off than when we arrived. That’s the call to action. ”

Edward Russo, an environmental expert and consultant to Donald J. Trump and the Trump Organization for the past 15 years, is the founder of ER Advisors, LLC, a privately held consulting firm that advises environmental organizations, national corporate entities, and other clients on emerging environmental policies and regulations.   Throughout his life, Mr. Russo has advocated for strong environmental policies and education, with an emphasis on practical environmentalism. His experience and knowledge of government regulatory systems is a product of his many years and positions on government boards and agencies, as well as his extensive work with the Trump organization. 

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