The 243rd Boston Tea Party Anniversary

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By Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, Special for USDR

WHAT:  The Boston Tea Party comes alive this December!  It’s December 16th, 1773 and trouble is brewing in Boston.  Presented by Boston’s famed Old South Meeting House and the Boston Tea Party  Ships  &  Museum,  the  243rd Boston  Tea  Party  Anniversary & Annual Reenactment is an opportunity for the public to experience one of America’s most iconic public protests.  Reenactors from across New England theatrically tell the story of The Boston Tea Party and recreate the evening of December 16, 1773 which sparked the American Revolution. It all begins with a fiery tea tax debate at Old South Meeting House, the actual historic hall where the colonists congregated 243 years ago. Then, the public joins a lively procession to the waterfront and witnesses as the Sons of Liberty destroy 220lbs of actual loose [expired] tea into Boston Harbor.  The tea is supplied byLondon’s East India Company, the same company from where the original tea came in 1773 and is still in existence today!

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