Teachers quickly Embrace Clever Library, a Fresh way of Learning Software

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Clever, the most widely used single sign-on platform for K-12 education, announced today that more than 250,000 educators have created 9 million student accounts using Clever Library since June 2018. Clever Library is a catalog of high-quality digital resources that teachers can deploy to their classroom within seconds. Because all of the applications agree to comply with Clever’s Universal Data Sharing Agreement, Clever Library helps districts safeguard student data.

Nearly all educators believe that instructional technology is an effective way to personalize learning according to a survey by Dreambox Learning and PBS. But too often teachers spend hours searching for learning applications and waste classroom time on manual account setup for students. In the meantime, districts need to know how digital resources are used and how student data is treated.

Now with Clever Library, educators easily browse learning applications by subject or grade level and read peer reviews. “I just get so excited browsing on the Clever Library and looking at all the cool things that I can suggest to my students as resources, either to use for current projects or projects down the road,” says Clare Trumble, a 7th and 8th grade Language Arts teacher at Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township.

Then with just a few clicks, teachers safely install applications for students — and districts see what resources have been installed, who’s using them and how frequently they’re used. Clever Library is built into Clever Portal, the single sign-on platform used by millions of students, teachers and staff daily.

With Clever Library, districts can see which learning applications teachers are using. “The Library enables us to see what apps teachers are choosing to use in the classroom. It also provides the district a place to add comments or tutorials on how some apps can specifically be used in the classroom to support instruction,” says Diane Mustone Hauser, Senior Program Director of Digital Access for Boston Public Schools. “This visibility and control have been a great benefit to us.”

Unlike other methods of software discovery and adoption that can lead to sensitive student information being shared without district approval and creating privacy and security risks, Clever Library minimizes data sharing required to create student accounts and ensures the district has complete control over data sharing. And each application agrees to comply with Clever’s Universal Data Sharing Agreement, a set of security, privacy, and compliance practices designed to protect student data. This provides districts with a robust, standardized data sharing agreement in place for teachers who are trying out the resources they need to make their classrooms successful.

For applications, Clever Library dissolves barriers to classroom adoption, and teachers who try a learning application via Clever are two to five times more likely to become a subscriber. “Teachers signing up using Clever are more engaged with our online assessment tools than those who sign up manually,” said Aditya Agarkar, co-founder of Edulastic.  “Even more exciting though is the fact that many schools and districts have adopted Edulastic after their teachers first signed up through the Clever Library.”

More than 100 industry-leading applications, including Newsela, XtraMath, Book Creator, MobyMax, Freckle and dozens more, are available for educators to discover in Clever Library. Clever Library and Clever Portal are available at no charge for any U.S. K-12 district; Teacher signups via Clever Library are offered at no charge to edtech developers.

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