Should Users Be More Tech Aware?

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For the vast majority of users, understanding of modern technology doesn’t often extend past simply knowing how to use a device and what restrictions it may have – they work great as a social media tool, as a working device when necessary, and something to use as a distraction particularly as those of Illinois gambling age turn to growing online platforms as with many other states too. With movements like the right to repair growing however, it may be showing the increasing need for users to be more tech aware, and how disconnected some users are.

One of the most prominent spaces that has seen change over the past year or two has been within privacy concerns – the use of online data has grown exponentially, and users’ data has become more valuable over time – it’s how big social media platforms like Facebook have become so large, and why Google holds such a premium as a search engine site. But there are many users who don’t quite understand how their data is being used and may become surprised with targeted ads, whilst also being the same who’ll agree to the terms and conditions without double checking or allowing app permissions without knowing what they’re granting access to.

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Another big push has been seen here again encroaching on users’ data within the UK with a proposal to put an end to end to end encryption – the type of encryption used by messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram, but also used as a way to keep user data online safe too. It has been a similar proposal to many other countries looking for more data transparency, but as most users may not really understand what this change could mean for their own personal usage, it raises questions of its own too.

The same is being seen in this right to repair movement as many users may not be aware what their rights are in this space – modern devices are designed to be tamper proof and third-party or home repairs often lead to the devices being rendered obsolete whether this be changing a defunct battery or fixing a cracked screen, for many it has become such a growing problem that they’d prefer to hold onto an older device for a much longer period of time before choosing to upgrade.

With tech usage only growing, and legislation and expectations around this tech constantly changing, it’s becoming more important than ever for users to gain even a more basic knowledge of the tech they use, and how being more tech aware could bring transparency into a space which has typically seemed off limits to some.

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