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While there are many websites selling survival gear, (SGS) designs packages for the type of situation one might prepare for, whether it might be a hurricane or a long term off grid adventure. Their staff works to help people around the world get the supplies they need for post disaster response and save lives. With disasters increasing in frequency and intensity over the past decade, the website is a convenient resource for those living in areas at high risk, looking for supplies during or after a disaster, or planning to go off-the-grid.


“Our goal here at SGS is to provide state of the art supplies people need in a disaster situation or an off grid adventure, but to go one step further in building full disaster kits for them, with everything they need shipped direct, by working one on one with the customer. Moreover, we source only the best supplies on the market, recommended by experts, so users do not have to sort through hundreds or even thousands of junk items on the web to get to what they really need,” said Desiree Jones, the company’s director of ecommerce. offers online shoppers of survival and outdoor gear the following:

  • Complete survival packages curated for situation type
  • Only top rated products that are recommended by field experts
  • An easy to use and navigate experience with advanced search and filtering
  • Content from real experts in the field, including their first interview with Mykel Hawke(recently starred on The Bachelor, and the History Channel’s The Men Who Built America: The Frontiersmen)
  • Coming soon: custom survival kit builder
  • Exclusive and frequent discounts for customers and subscribers
  • Bulk discounts for state and federal government, healthcare, charity, and security organizations

Jones said that it is critical for people to know they will only find the best products in the industry at the best prices on their website, and receive ‘a 5 star’ customer experience. Their plan includes integrating many apps and tools to help online users with disaster planning and off-grid living in the future.

The SGS team also seeks out new innovative Kickstarter projects, such as their line of jaMo™ Inversion air pollution masks and LumnAID® solar lanterns and phone chargers. But their biggest seller right now, in particular in Puerto Rico, are portable solar generator systems. What makes them different is their ability to build relationships with the creators of these products, as well as survival experts, so they can offer customers a unique buying experience. The company believes this is the reason their success has been sudden and will continue to grow quickly.

About Survival Gear Systems LLC: is owned by Michael Semerad of Spokane, Washington and managed by Desiree Jones. The website launched in January 2018 with a mission to educate and prepare people for survival in disaster situations and off grid experiences. Survival Gear Systems LLC is located in Spokane, Washington.

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