Ohio State Rep Offers Exemption to “Heartbeat” Bill that Would be Called Genocide if by a White Member

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The Daily Caller reports:

“A state representative proposed an amendment to Ohio’s heartbeat bill that seeks an exemption for African-American women, citing historical “rape and forced birth imposed on enslaved women.’

Democratic state Rep. Janine R. Boyd proposed the amendment to a state House committee Tuesday after the Ohio Senate passed Heartbeat Bill SB23 banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, according to The Hill. A heartbeat usually becomes detectable between six and nine weeks in pregnancy. Many women do not know they’re pregnant at six weeks.”


According to the Columbus Dispatch, that wasn’t the only exemption promoted:

“The GOP-controlled House is expected to approve the ‘Heartbeat Bill Wednesday after weeks of testimony, dozens of proposed amendments and late changes to the controversial legislation.

“The House Health Committee’s latest version of Senate Bill 23 passed 11-7 along party lines Tuesday. While the current version does not touch the core of the bill — to ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected — it does impose additional fines to physicians who perform abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detectable. It also eliminates various legal protections for physicians and encourages the use of more-sensitive medical technology to detect fetal heartbeats.

“Committee Democrats proposed a slew of amendments, most of which failed along party lines. Some of the amendments involved exceptions for fetal abnormalities, African-American women, women’s mental health and religious reasons.”

In spite of all the efforts of the Democrats, the bill has passed.  The CantonRep reports:

“Ohio lawmakers approved the controversial “Heartbeat Bill” today despite protesters that poured into the Statehouse.

‘The Senate OK’d the measure 18-13, shortly after the House approved it 56-40.

‘Gov. Mike DeWine has pledged to sign the measure.

‘While the Senate’s action was quick, the House vote came after hours of contentious debate.”

What if a white person had advocated the exemption promoted by Rep. Boyd, an African-American member of the Legislature?  

Imagine if a white member of the Legislature had propose a bill that only allowed black women to be able to have an abortion after a heartbeat had been discovered?  That would definitely had led to accusations of genocide. The bizarre inconsistencies that have become common in our culture.


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