NY Times Bestselling Author Discusses Relationship Happiness

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Gary John Bishop.

On a recent Price of Business show, Host Kevin Price interviewed NY Times bestselling author Gary John Bishop.  Bishop is internationally recognized as a leading personal development authority. He is now moving to discussing the pursuit of healthy relationships in his new book.
According to a statement, “Bishop – one of the leading personal development experts in the industry – is known for his very straightforward no-nonsense tips on improving your life situation. By following his honest advice – you will be well on your way to candy, flowers, and most importantly a real relationship that actually works by Valentine’s Day. The secret – yourself!

“Bishop’s ‘urban philosophy’ approach represents a new wave of personal empowerment and life mastery that has caused miraculous results for people in the quality and performance of their lives. Bishop’s available for interviews in 2 weeks on Jan 19.”Everyone wants that amazing, fulfilling and profoundly connected relationship we’ve all read about and dreamed of! someone who gets you and you get them – and all is wonderful in the world. But the reason some of us don’t have it? You don’t really truly know about having an authentically great relationship. That’s according to: bestselling author GARY JOHN BISHOP – known for his no-nonsense, straight dose of reality

“Why is it so hard!? We’ve been sold the ideal without ever being taught what it takes to have that kind of relationship. And one of the missing pieces required in all successful relationships: ourselves. Bishop challenges us to stop shifting blame in our relationships, to take responsibility, to face ourselves, first.

“Bishop doesn’t buy into the mainstream of what makes a happy relationship. Not 50/50 effort, not compromise, not molding ourselves into what our partner wants, but instead to face our shortcomings, telling ourselves the truth, and using that truth to be the best partners we can be, rather than settling for ‘a level of despair they can tolerate and call it happiness,’ as Kierkegaard put it.

“Bishop is not about blame or providing communication tips. It’s not about how to change or cope with your partner and personality types. It’s not about healing past trauma or a guide to forgiveness or understanding fear of commitment.”

About the author: GARY JOHN BISHOP is one of the leading personal development experts in the industry and is a New York Times bestselling author. More at: https://garyjohnbishop.com/


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