Massachusetts Gas Explosion hits Lawrence – Andover and North Andover

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Several fires are burning in the Lawrence area after a reported issue with a high pressure gas main. This is as scary as it gets seeing fire travels at a rather fast pace especially when mixed with gas.

Massachusetts State Police, the Fire Marshal’s office and MEMA are responding to multiple suspected gas explosions and fires in Lawrence, North Andover and Andover. As of now no injuries have been reported.

The cities and towns have issued a immediate evacuation if you smell gas and until they are able to  get things under control and find out the direct cause of these major fires.

Methuen Police Chief Joseph Solomon stated that in Lawrence alone, there are roughly 20 to 25 homes in a blaze of fire. He said there are so many fires “you can’t even see the sky.”

The North Andover Police Department advised to residents with gas service in their homes or businesses, “please exit the building until further notice.”

Lawrence Police Chief Roy Vasque told WFXT it appears as though the explosions were sparked by a gas issue, but MSP tweeted it’s too early to speculate as to what triggered the fires.

As of now the only thing that matters is getting these fires under control and that gas main shut down!

Columbia Gas stated it has multiple crews heading into Lawrence and North Andover to assess the situation. They are asking anyone who smells gas to leave the area, and to avoid turning lights on or off, opening or closing doors or using cell or landline phones. Once they leave the area, they can call the Columbia Gas Emergency Line at 800-525-8222.

This is a developing story and I will keep my readers updated with more information once I become aware….




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