Leadership Skills In Senior Management

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Our nation is being run by a group of leaders both in the corporate world and in our government. Every day, these leaders are making important decisions that shape our lives. Some of them know what they are doing, while others do not. The idea of leadership sounds like a simple one, yet why do so many of our great leaders lack this skill

Since the time of Plato, talk about leadership qualities and how to attain those qualities has been around. No one is a born leader. Leadership traits are developed and anyone whether or not a leader can benefit from using them. Senior management leaders create a company or project vision then communicate that vision by acting as a role model and working in a way consistent with the vision. Senior management leaders know how to work with others to develop methods for achieving the vision.

Decision-making and Self-confidence Qualities

Senior management individuals have a deep sense of self-confidence that translates into sound decision-making skills. A senior manager makes tough decisions concerning layoffs and pay cuts. According to many speakers on leadership, a manager with high intelligence and strong leadership skills knows how to communicate unfavorable decisions to his employees effectively, compassionately, and sincerely. The self-confident manager knows how to build trust in his staff. Self-confident leaders are assertive and decisive, which builds confidence about his decisions in others.

Intelligence and Intuitive Qualities

Intelligence and intuitive skills are traits that subordinates look for in senior management. Followers like to think management is more capable than they are. Followers view the management leader’s intelligence as authority. Effective leaders have a high degree of knowledge about the company, industry, and technical matters. Leaders must have strong analytical skills, good judgment, and the ability to think strategically. “Leaders must be able to make decisions, solve problems, and initiate change” suggests Sean Adams of Motivation Ping. “Intuitive managers possess a mental insight into changes and occurrences. They seemingly have solutions to problems before the problems arise. When problems do present themselves, the intuitive leader can step in and immediately resolve them.”

Integrity and Dedication Qualities

Every person should have integrity and dedication, but integrity and dedication holds special importance for senior management leaders. Integrity is about being truthful and non-deceitful. The two form the basis of a trusting relationship between management and staff. Managers with integrity are consistent, trust others, and care about their employees. They adhere to the highest ethical and integrity standards, which inspires confidence and trust. Their honesty and transparency lets employees understand their reasoning and the decisions they make because of it. They make tough decisions and hold themselves accountable for them.

A qualified leader continually aims for success and improvement. A good senior manager is concerned with doing a better job and has a conscious desire to get ahead. Proven leaders demonstrate their drive and dedication by setting hard, challenging goals for themselves, their staff, and their organizations. Senior managers use their vision, their mission, and their drive to succeed to ignite the same fire in their staffs.

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