Is Voters being Controlled by Media?

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By Jane Clarkston, Special for USDR

Election 2016 has divided this nation into two irate groups of warriors with tempers flaring.  Confusion and outrage is erupting into heated arguments with three long weeks to go until election day. The election will come and go but will you still have your circle of friends after November 8th? Author and stress management expert Jane Clarkston’s, twenty-five-year career as a stress management councilor and hypnotherapist has worked in universities, hospitals and corporations helping individuals reduce stress.

She is also an author, whose newly released factual-fiction novel The Shrouded Caverns, set in modern-day Egypt, has a plot that is playing out in our political world today. Is a secret group using the media to brainwash voters as they make their decisions on this election?

“With constant blasting of 24-hour news, iPads, and cell phones our minds are controlled by high-tech programming.  We are a society highly susceptible to hypnotic suggestion of a fast-paced modern-day lifestyle, where there is little time to think or question the news that is being reported. The majority of people look to the air ways for factual truth and use this information as to what they deem is correct, and use this data as to what to think and believe.  The Ancients knew that our power came from the silence where man has the ability to connect with his God given abilities of truth. The further that we are driven away from these spiritual teachings the easier it is for us to be controlled by outside sources.”

Not since 9/11 have we had such media over-load. People need to limit their exposure to media coverage of this election on all modalities. A quite walk or other form of exercise, playing music, enjoying a hobby helps clear the mind and lower stress, as it allows us to tap into our own knowing in determining which candidate resonates best to our own believe system, and after making your choice, ‘Let it go.”

We only have one vote each.

“Stress is a fear-based state of mind, and we choose whether we are going to hold on to anxiety, or let it go and feel the freedom of peace. Stress can kill you, but it never changes or eliminates the situation.”

Jane Clarkston has assisted thousands of individuals on how to tap into their own God-given abilities where they learn how to lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, and overcome anxiety as they improve their overall health and well-being.

“The Shrouded Caverns has the power to change your life. It’s that good, and its message is that powerful.” – Journalist Jefferson Blake

SOURCE Jane Clarkston

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