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By Q-In Medical Technologies, Special for USDR

A top Los Angeles-based family practice specialist discusses a unique approach to engage his patients to observe, compare and report the first signs of a sore throat before making an office visit.  Dr. Franklin Lowe was recently interviewed by the American Health Journal airing nationally on PBS. He discusses this new and innovative home health sore throat device and system. The Los Angeles doctor, a well-known strep throat specialist, demonstrates just how simple and effective the new system from Q-In Medical Technologies is in helping parents and others recognize the first signs of a viral sore throat, strep throat, mononucleosis, canker sores, Coxsackie Virus, thrush, herpes, cold sores, and other conditions.

In the United States there are over 2.4 million emergency room visits each year for throat-related complaints. Dr. Lowe cautions that “where medical care is indicated, it should never be delayed!”  However, the new “SayAhh!”™ Home System ( provides added comfort in important ways. First, the patent-protected plastic oral retractor is doctor-designed and tested. It actually inhibits the common “gag reflex”, often the worst part of any throat examination. That’s particularly comforting to parents examining the already-tender throats of family members big and small.

Second, the system incorporates not only this useful tool, but also a full comparative Guide and free interfacing App (Sayahh!™ Exam available on both iPhone and Android operating systems).   This will allow the at-home examiner to instantly cross-reference what is seen real time with what is referenced visually in the comprehensive visual Guide.  The App will then allow moms and dads to report these findings to clinicians of all kinds, often long before a doctor visit can be scheduled. As identified by Dr. Lowe, one of the observations of primary importance to a medical doctor is “What does the throat look like?”

“At Q-In Medical Technologies, our commitment is second to none when it comes to producing accurate, reliable, and easy to use solutions that assist families in understanding how to better communicate sore throat observations to healthcare professionals.  Our system provides users and healthcare professionals with a common language, one that creates a significantly faster process for identifying viral versus bacterial throat infections,” says Gary L. Melling, Chief Operating Officer at Q-In Medical Technologies.

The Sayahh!™ System ( is currently offered direct-to-consumer online. The PBS interview is scheduled to air in October 2016. Check your local PBS station for date and time. Or, after November 1, 2016, kindly visit www.sayahh.comto view the segment in its entirety. Interested individuals should consult with their doctor to learn more about sore throat-related issues.

Dr. Franklin Lowe, M.D. is a family medicine doctor in Los Alamitos, California and is affiliated with Miller Children’s and Women’s Hospital, Saint Mary Medical Center and Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. He received his medical degree fromUniversity of Texas Medical School and has been in practice for over 30 years, certified and specializing in Family Medicine.

American Health Journal, on PBS, is the longest continuously-airing healthcare television program in history. Since 1988, the show has been identifying and reporting the latest developments in better patient care.  The proud recipient of well over 100 national broadcast awards, American Health Journal is currently seen by a national audience of over 108,000,000 PBS viewers.

SayAhh!”™ is the Consumer Product Division of Q-In Medical Technologies, LLC, a Wyoming-based company.  Q-In Medical Technologies, LLC also includes SayAhhPRO, a division specifically created and maintained for doctors and other medical professionals (Professionals, please visit Please note: All claims made regarding the efficacy of the SayAhh! Home Sore Throat System as may pertain to sore throat conditions are based solely on independent physician interactions. Any individual is encouraged to speak with his or her primary physician for treatment suggestions and conclusive evidence. All information should be used for educational and informational use only.

SOURCE Q-In Medical Technologies

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