Hutchinson’s Shocking Testimony States Trump Officials Were Involved in Witness Tampering

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If you have been following the White House scandals, you have likely heard about Cassidy Hutchinson, the former senior aide of Mark Meadows. She has described Trump’s behavior on Jan. 6 in recorded interviews and testimony to a congressional committee. She says the President often throws dishes and has a habit of flipping tables when angry.

When the investigation began, the White House claimed Hutchinson was an “unreliable source.” But that claim is not credible. The former senior aide to the White House Chief of Staff is under fire for her role in organizing rallies and advising Donald Trump’s campaign. Hutchinson was also present backstage at the rally when Trump hoped to rally supporters at the Capitol, but was blocked by Secret Service officials for security reasons. She also witnessed conversations among Trump’s senior staff, including Meadows. She testified that Meadows took several phone calls during the rally, including one from Trump’s former advisor, Rudy Giuliani.

Hutchinson has an intimate knowledge of the workings of the Trump White House, and she is close with Mark Meadows, who served as Trump’s “gatekeeper” and was in constant contact with the President as Chief of Staff. The former President efforts to stall the 2020 election included an attempt to use fake electors.

As a former aide to Mark Meadows and the President Hutchinson was one of the most intimate and close-to-the-Oval-Office staffers. In fact, Hutchinson’s office was located between Meadows and Jared Kushner, allowing her to observe virtually everything that fell under the chief of staff’s purview.

The former congressional staffer has also claimed to be a loyal Trump supporter. She reportedly had first-hand information about Members of Congress and senior White House officials seeking pardons for their actions. She has also provided the select committee with relevant testimony about Meadows’ campaign finance activities.

Despite the fact that the former White House aide has a lengthy history of being on the front row of these political scandals, she has also been a key witness to congressional investigations. She testified in a Jan. 6 hearing before a select committee on the Trump tax return. Her testimony revealed a lot about Trump’s relationship with other political figures and with a certain member of the FBI.

Her testimony about Trump has shed light on the actions of Trump and his administration and could reveal the motives of lawmakers and White House officials. She previously served as a White House intern and attended Christopher Newport University. Hutchinson’s testimony will likely be pivotal to the investigation.

Many political pundits are calling Hutchinson’s statements — together — add up to a smoking gun that shows the former President as the mastermind behind January 6.  In addition, she argued that Trump’s team was actually involved in witness tampering, which raises the stakes for the former President to a much higher level.

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