How do Motorcycle Helmets Work to Protect Your Skull?

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While you’re probably well aware of the importance of wearing a helmet while you ride your motorcycle, just what do they do anyway? If you’re curious or unconvinced about the importance of always wearing your helmet, discover how helmets save lives and protect your skull. Find out what makes a good helmet and how to get your hands on cheap motorcycle riding gear today.

Softening the Impact

The most important way a helmet protects you is by softening an impact. Whether you hit a tree, vehicle or the pavement, you need a way to lessen the impact in order to avoid permanent brain damage or even death. A quality motorcycle helmet has a rigid exterior with a softer interior.

These two layers are designed to reduce the amount of force applied directly to your head. Even the slightest extension of the crash time can make a dramatic difference with the amount of force.

When your bare head comes in contact with a hard object, all that force is applied directly to your skull. The result could be a cracked skull, extensive brain damage or worse. Instead, a helmet spreads out the force over a slightly longer period of time. As little as six thousandths of a second can make all the difference in terms of safety.

Keeping Your Sight Lines Clear

Another way that a premium motorcycle helmet can keep you safe is by allowing you a wide range of vision. Some helmets and other headgear can restrict your vision and prevent you from seeing oncoming vehicles or other dangers in your peripheral vision. With a quality helmet and the best motorcycle gear online, you’ll keep your eyes open and your skull intact.

Shop for helmets that offer protection from the blinding sun, but otherwise offer a superior range of vision. Don’t choose a generic helmet, but select one specialized for use with your motorcycle for best performance. Helmets that aren’t certified may look stylish, but aren’t proven to offer the protection you need when things get rough.

Safety Standards

Not all helmets are created equal. While bicycle helmets, hard hats and other gear may seem like a good option in a pinch, nothing replaces the specialized protection of a certified motorcycle helmet. Helmets can come with two basic certifications: SNELL and DOT.

Regardless of the certification, choose a helmet that’s certified. SNELL ratings are given by a non-profit organization, the Snell Memorial Foundation. The Department of Transport, or DOT, also gives out quality ratings. Compare your motorcycle helmets based on their ratings and choose one that meets or exceeds one or both of these rating systems. Each one has slight differences, but either one is better than a helmet with no certification standards.

Protect Your Skull Today

Now that you understand the importance of a quality motorcycle helmet, you’re ready to protect your skull. Shop online for the best deals on certified motorcycle helmets. From professional-grade protection to motorcycle casual apparel, find the gear you need at the price you love today. Keep your head protected as you hurdle down the race track or cruise across the country.

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