Hosting a Nut Party

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Officially and legally go nuts! Host a Nut Party with friends, family, coworkers to help:

  • Everyone, (even kids!!) get away from electronics for a few minutes, maybe more
  • Discover what makes business associates, friends, and family so nutty
  • Learn what it takes to crack the nuts in our lives.

This free-to-everyone fun and productive party was invented by Jennifer Byrnes in order to get some amusing information for the book she was writing: “We’re All Nuts”.

The Nut Party involves ordering a variety of nuts, putting them in separate bowls with their own nut-cracking implements and letting everyone learn how each nut is unique in how easy or hard it is to open, and if it was worth it! Does it taste good?

Key to everyone’s involvement is a form they can fill out that lets them describe what they experienced with each kind of nut. It’s surprisingly similar to how people get to know each other, the kernel within the shell, and how to crack it open.

About the Author
A self-proclaimed “nut,” as well as accomplished business leader, Jennifer Byrnes has worked with all types of nuts, successfully leading her corporate teams through change. She’s made her own change to mom, author, professional life coach, and leadership consultant, living in Minnesota with her own family of nuts: a husband, daughters, and beloved dogs.

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