Harvey Weinstein Sends Threat to Those Who Would Testify Against Him in Sex Crimes

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Oh how the mighty have fallen!  Few bigger than former entertainment king, Harvey Weinstein, who most believed owned Hollywood.  80 women have accused him of alleged sexual misconduct charges, including rape.  He has denied them all.  However, today he has turned himself in to NYPD to begin the long legal process that will lead to either exoneration, significant time in jail, or several other possibilities.

As he turned himself in he was conspicuously carrying a couple of books.  He even mentions in this video how great one of those books was, a biography of Elia Kazan.

Business Insider discuses both books under Weinstein’s arm:

What’s the significance?

Kazan, was a well known director of major films of old like On the Waterfront and East of Eden.  In addition he became infamous as an informant during the Red Scare, supplying the names of some 11 former colleagues to the blacklist. “Kazan’s reputation as a formidable Hollywood artist weathered political and personal scandals,” The Guardian writes.

Yashar Ali of New York Magazine and Huffington Post likely nailed it in a Tweet, stating:

‘What a sick man…he knows what he’s doing and the message he’s trying to send. For years when people would discover his history of predation he would threaten them with their own secrets. https://twitter.com/thr/status/1000024954103128064 

The books the fallen producer was carrying are interpreted as carrying a warning.  Weinstein took a big shot over Hollywood with a message — loud and clear — that if anyone plans on testifying against him, he has plenty he can use on them.

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